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Demolition Empty
PostSubject: Demolition   Demolition EmptySat Dec 31, 2011 11:44 am

Demolition Zje5id

Jim Ross: Hello folks! We're live from Portland, Oregon, for yet another episode of Friday night Demolition! First of all, I'd like to welcome my new commentating partner, Tazz!
Tazz: Thanks, Jim. It's great to be here. Starting us off tonight will be more rookies, Alex Jester and Chris Jericho.
Jim Ross: Last week, Alex Jester interfered in Jeff Hardy's match and costed him the victory.
Tazz: Yeah, Jim. This could either mean a possible alliance with Dolph Ziggler or a feud with Jeff Hardy... or all of the above.

Introducing first... from Saints, Stillwater, weighing in two hundred and fifty pounds ... Alex Jester!

Alex walks down the ring looking confident, The Crowd Cheering to see Alex Jester. as he enters the ring he goes over to a corner and does his AJ Taunt. He now waits for his Opponent to enter the arena.

And his opponent... from Manhasset, New York weighing in at two hundred and twenty-six pounds... he is ... CHRIS... JERICHO!

The Crowd Boos as they see the The Man of 1004 Holds , Chris Jericho make his way down to the ring. Chris Jericho does a Taunt on the ropes then enters the ring looking at AJ. then tells the fans to shut up.

Ding ding ding!

Alex Jester immediately began raining down on Chris Jericho with a flurry of kicks to the midsection, . Chris bent over in pain, then stood back up only to meet a spin kick right to the kisser. Chris Fell to the ground, and Alex Jester quickly went for a pin .


But Jericho kicks out before the ref can count to 2.

Jim Ross: Alex Jester is Trying to end the fight quickly. He has the upper hand in this match, giving him no room to breathe!

as Alex Jester was going to pick Chris Jericho up he pushes Alex and hits the ref knocking him down

Tazz: Typical Jericho using his Veteran skills to his advantage

Jericho quickly hits Alex with a Running Enzuigiri .. he then picks him up and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle he runs and hits a clothesline then hits a One armed bulldog he goes for the pin but the ref is down ... he picks up the ref and slaps him until the ref regains consciousnesses when we turns around Alex Jester hit him with his Finisher "DEAD END"

He goes for the Pin

1....2....3 !!

Ding Ding Ding!

Here is your winner ALEX JESTER !!!!!!

Alex Celebrates Taunting the crowd ... the fans are chanting AJ ,AJ ,AJ he goes over to a fan and hugs her then exits the arena with a smile on his face

Tazz: Well, that result was certainly a shocker! Jericho is quite the wrestling connoisseur, yet Alex Jester managed to defeat him in his debut!
Jim Ross: That's the thing about wrestling, Tazz. It's unpredictable.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... Jeff... Hardy!

The crowd booed as Jeff Hardy came out to the stage, crawling down the ramp. He emerged from the smoke sporting his usual facepaint, though a slightly modified designh this time. . He stared at the ring, thinking about his match and game plan. He breathed deeply in hopes to win the match as he entered the ring, then stared at the ramp, awaiting his opponent's entrance.

And his opponent... from Hollywood, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds... Dolph... Ziggler!

The crowd's booing continued going strong as Dolph Ziggler walked out to the stage with a smug look on his face. He smirked at his pitiful opponent as he walked down the ramp. Once in the ring, he climbed the top rope and raised his arms in victory, stirring more boos, then jumped back in and stared at his opponent as the ref called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Jeff Hardy, determined to regain himself, charged in the direction of Dolph Ziggler and caught him into a collar-and-elbow tieup. He drove Ziggler into the corner, a sort of mirror image of their encounter the previous week. Hardy began sprinting back to Dolph, now, but he quickly rolled out of the way. Jeff avoided any potential damage and scrambled up the top rope, rebounding for a Whisper in the Wind.

Jim Ross: Oh my god, did you see that Whisper in the Wind!?
Tazz: Jeff Hardy is clearly looking to regain himself in this rematch from last week, and he's certainly doing a pretty good job so far!

After the two men went tumbling to the ground, Jeff Hardy rolled over and went scrambling for an early cover.

1... 2... kickout!

Shortly after kicking out, Dolph Ziggler began to slowly raise with Jeff Hardy. Hardy stood at the ready, stalking his prey. Once "The Show Off" made it to his feet, Jeff locked in a front facelock and swung around, but Ziggler pushed him away. Hardy stumbled off, and Ziggler pulled him back with a snap inverted powerslam.

Jim Ross: By god! Jeff Hardy was looking for his finisher there, the Twist of Fate, but Ziggler countered!

Dolph Ziggler, finally gaining a place in this match, grinned and ran a hand through his hair, taunting his opponent. He turned around and fell to the ground, locking Jeff Hardy in with a headlock. Hardy struggled in the hold, but slowly made it back to his feet. Dolph continued to put pressure to the hold, but Hardy finally countered, taking him down with a back suplex.

Tazz: Ouch, Hardy dropped him right on his neck right there!

Jeff Hardy grabbed Dolph Ziggler by the legs and dragged him to the middle of the ring, then spread them apart and nailed a huge leg drop to the groin. Still holding on, Jeff rolled him over and locking in a cloverleaf.

Jim Ross: By god, the Spine Line! Ziggler must be in a world of pain!
Tazz: You know, some people call Dolph "The Show Off". But you know, I don't think he's really showing off much in this match right now.

Dolph Ziggler writhed in pain, trying everything he could to get Hardy to let go; but he just wouldn't do it. Finally, Dolph had no other choice. He just couldn't tap. He began to slowly drag the two closer and closer towards the ropes, until eventually he managed to grasp the bottom one. The ref began to count, and Jeff finally relieved Dolph of the pain at 3. However, he wasn't done.

Tazz: What's Jeff Hardy gonna do now?

Jeff Hardy began to lift Dolph Ziggler back up by the head now, only to take him back down after dropping into a seated position with a jawbreaker, driving the chin of Ziggler right into Jeff's skull. All of the sudden, a huge grin formed on Hardy's face. He began to climb up the top rope, and when he did his signature taunt, the crowd knew what was coming.

Jim Ross: Well somebody's taking flying lessons!
Tazz: He's going for something big!

Jeff Hardy tossed himself off the top rope, somersaulting forward at the last minute for a Swanton Bomb. As Dolph Ziggler lay motionless on the canvas, Hardy scrambled over for a pin.

1... 2... 3!

Here's your winner... Jeff... Hardy!
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