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PostSubject: Demolition   Demolition EmptyFri Dec 02, 2011 8:51 pm

Demolition Zje5id

Michael Cole: Hello! Michael Cole here, welcoming you to EHDW Friday Night Demolition's 10th episode, live from Moscow, Russia.
Cole Scorpio: Tonight, in our main event, Decapitation Station will be putting their Tag Team Championships on the line.
Jim Ross: That's right, Cole, but there's a catch. Not only will this be their opponent, Nexus' debut, but it is a handicap match! Three against one, with Nexus being the three!
Cole Scoripo: Jesus, that's practically a guaranteed win for them!
Jim Ross: This is the wrestling business, Cole... you never know what could happen.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Odense, Denmark, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds... Anton... Hinston!

Anton Hinston walked out, staring at the crowd as they booed him. He walked to the ring, slowly making his way down the ramp. Once in the ring, he climbed the turnbuckle and gazed over the still booing crowd, then jumped off and faced the stage as one of his two opponents began to enter.

And his opponent... from New York, New York, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... Mike... Montgomery!

"The Fortunate" Mike Montgomery entered now, walking down the ramp as he stared at Anton. He entered the ring, though still kept his gaze locked on Anton in paranoia as he climbed the turnbuckle and taunted on the second rope. He climbed down, then leaned in the corner as it was time for the final competitor to make his entrance.

And their opponent... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... The Dark... Angel!

Fear struck all audience members in attendance when The Dark Angel walked out to the stage. A frightening figure, he sported a black, blood-stained lucha libre-type mask that covered all of his face, even his eyes, and the Hardcore Championship wrapped around his waist, to add to his intimidating character. He slowly made his way down the ramp, seeming to focus on his opponent; though it was hard to tell, since his eyes couldn't be seen. Finally, he climbed into the ring and the referee signaled for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Once the match had officially started, the three men paced the ring, staring eachother down, each gaze shifting to one opponent, then the other. Finally, Anton Hinston made the first move, charging to Mike Montgomery and taking him out with a high knee to the jaw, then going for The Dark Angel. However, the Hardcore Champion quickly caught him and hit a Michinoku Driver, but Mike came from behind with an ankle lock. The Dark Angel, however, rolled through and leaped up, hitting a bulldog on Mike. Now that Mike was grounded, Anton took over and crawled over for a quick pin.


However, Dark Angel flipped back and broke it up with a moonsault. Now Anton was angry, and he got back up to nail Dark Angel with a roundhouse kick right to the skull. Anton now began raining down with a combo, a flurry of kicks and punches (though mostly kicks) all over the torso of Dark Angel. He finished this off with a quick shining wizard to Dark Angel, who eventually dropped to his knees after all the damage done. Now Anton turned to Mike, who began to work at him with a combination of elbow attacks before taking him out with a quick tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Now he began to go up top, climbing the turnbuckle.

Jim Ross: Well somebody's taking flying lessons!

Mike Montgomery leaped off for an elbow drop, nailed Anton in the ribcage before rolling over for a pin.

1... 2...

The Dark Angel scrambled over to the cover, breaking it up with a quick axe handle. The two groggily stumbled to their feet, and Dark Angel nailed them each with a quick kick to the midsection, one after the other. Now the two were dazed, standing next to eachother, and the Dark Angel headed behind them and locked them each in a reverse facelock. He then fell backwards, hitting an inverted DDT on both opponents at the same time.

Cole Scorpio: Now that was pretty badass...

With both opponents down, The Dark Angel began to follow in the steps of Mike Montgomery, climbing up the turnbuckle to the top rope. He stood there, waiting for one of his opponents to get up. As he was waiting, somebody began to run down the ramp; however, The Dark Angel didn't notice this, too absorbed in waiting for one (or both) of his opponents to rise.

Jim Ross: Oh my god! It's IDM, The Dark Angel's rival!

IDM ran down the ramp then headed to the apron. Now the Dark Angel noticed. He bent down on the rope as the two brawled, Dark Angel attempting to gain the upper hand so he could perform his finisher while IDM was looking to cost him the match. Finally, IDM took over, nailing him with a quick superkick. The Dark Angel stumbled on the top rope, and IDM entered the ring. He began to climb up top, but Dark Angel nailed him with a huge right hand to the gut then lifted him over his shoulders, preparing for a Kamikaze Krash.

Michael Cole: He could be going for something big..!

However, IDM quickly slipped out of the hold, dropping to the canvas below (though landing on his feet). The Dark Angel was frustrated now, and stood back up again, preparing to leap off, but IDM nailed a huge right hand to the gut then climbed up top. He went for a superplex, but Anton had recently got back up to his feet, who, as he was falling, caught the Dark Angel in a belly-to-back position and quickly hit the Danish Dream. IDM rolled out of the ring, then watched as Anton Hinston pinned his opponent.

1... 2... 3!

Here's your winner... Anton... Hinston!

Anton Hinston grinned from ear-to-ear upon his victory, despite the crowd's excessive booing.

The following contest is a handicap match, and it is for the Tag Team Championships! Introducing first... at a combined weight of six hundred and fifty-three pounds... the are the Tag Team Champions... Decapitation... Station!

The two remaining Decapitation Station members casually sauntered down the ramp, each with a Tag Team Championship slung over their shoulder. They each went off on their own, Phillip Phillips high-fiving the crowd while The Notorious TRE simply glared at them smugly. Once finally near the ring, they each entered by climbing up a set of stairs up to the turnbuckle, where the signature Decapitation Station throat-cut taunt was simultaneously performed by the duo. They all hopped down at their own pace, then whispered things to eachother while continuing to lock their eyes on the stage as the new stable, Nexus, began to enter.

And their opponents... at a combined weight of seven hundred and thirty-two pounds... Nexus!

Competing for the title, the three men walked down the ramp smugly, smirking off the crowd's boos. They strut down the ramp, confident in their ability to win the Tag Team Championships with their advantage of strength in numbers, and in their case, more numbers than the opponents. Once in the ring, they discussed the match strategy while the referee called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

The first two legal men turned out to be Phillip Phillips and Wade Barrett, each the leaders of their team. Wade Barrett quickly kicked off the match, charging towards Phillip with a big boot. Phil quickly dodged, however, and Wade turned right into a fireman's carry. With inhuman speed, Phillip dropped Barrett back down, kneeing him in the head as he fell. Barrett sprung back to his feet, but was too fast for his own good and remained stunned. Phillip quickly irish whipped Wade into his corner, then kept him against the turnbuckle as he tagged in TRE. Phillip lifted Barrett in a vertical suplex position as TRE climbed up top, then leaped off for a spear as Phillip dropped him for the suplex.

Jim Ross: What a stunning display of teamwork by The Notorious TRE and Phillip Phillips!

As Phillip Phillips returned to the apron, The Notorious TRE began to lift up Wade Barrett. However, Wade tried to get his head back into the game, nailing TRE in the gut before tossing him across the ring with a quick belly-to-belly suplex. Attempting to regain his teams dominance, he rushed over to his corner and slapped Leon Young's outstretched hand, who headed into the ring and quickly mounted onto TRE, raining down punches on his head. The ref tried to pull Leon away, and TRE managed to scramble back to his feet. Leon quickly returned to the action, though, irish whipping TRE to the ropes. As he rebounded off, Leon attempted a spinebuster, but TRE quickly pulled Leon down into a small package.

1... 2...

Wade Barrett scrambled up top as TRE rolled up Leon and leaped off for an elbow drop, breaking the pin just before the three count. The ref began to yell at Wade as he rolled out of the ring, giving Leon the chance spit blood red poison mist into TRE's face, a normally illegal manuever that the ref hadn't noticed. When the ref turned around, Leon was blatantly choking the life out of a red-stainde TRE, so the ref pulled him away once again.

Cole Scorpio: Leon is one fearful competitor! He's really somebody the ref should not turn their back on!

As TRE slowly raised, Leon backed into his corner and began to climb the top rope. However, once on the first rope, Zeke Nero slapped him on the shoulder, tagging himself in. Leon, still wanting to remain in the match, leaped off, nailing a missle dropkick to a now (just barely) standing TRE. He returned to the apron, glaring at Zeke as he dumped TRE right on his head with an emerald fusion. Zeke went for a quick cover.

1... 2... kickout!

TRE just barely lifted a shoulder, and began to roll towards his corner. Phillip leaned over the top rope, stretching his arm out as far as he could. However, Zeke quickly grabbed him by the legs and lifted him up for a wheelbarrow suplex. However, TRE sprung back up and hit a bulldog, then rushed over to his corner and quickly tagged Phillip in, who tossed himself over the top rope and nailed a slingshot flip senton, sort of a topé atomico, on Zeke Nero. Phillip then went to irish whip Zeke, who spun around and reversed it into an irish whip of his own, tossing Phil into his corner. Zeke slapped Barrett's hand, tagging in the leader of the group, then pushed Phillip away from the turnbuckle. Wade entered the ring, then lifted Phil in a back-to-back position. Zeke then leaped up, clotheslining Phil down as Wade dropped him for a back suplex before rolling out of the ring.

Michael Cole: And more double-team action, this time from the challengers!

Wade Barrett began to lift Phillip Phillips back up now. However, Phil countered with a huge uppercut, then took him out with a huge scoop slam. Phillip dragged Wade to his corner now, and climbed the top rope. Phillip leaped off. However, he didn't notice Wade Barrett rising. He twisted around for a Crash & Burn, but Barrett, on his knees now, caught Phil in a fireman's carry position then got back up to his feet. Barrett carried Phillip over to his corner, and in this process, Zeke and Leon rushed to Decapitation Station's corner, pulling TRE off the apron before nailing him with a double cutter.

Jim Ross: Oh my god!
Cole Scorpio: This is a dangerous position for Phil...

Wade Barrett now tossed Phillip Phillips over his head, nailing a Wasteland as his other two team members rushed back to the apron. They cheered him on and taunted the crowd as he leaned over for a pin.

1... 2... 3!

Here are your winners, and the new Tag Team Champions... Nexus!

They each took a belt, grinning smugly as they all lined up in front of a seemingly unconscious Phillip. As they raised their titles in the air simotaneously, Wade Barrett shouted: "you're either Nexus... or you're against us."
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