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Demolition Empty
PostSubject: Demolition   Demolition EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 8:52 pm

Demolition Zje5id

Tazz: Hey! Tazz here in the Rose Garden Arena, with my partner, Jim Ross.
Jim Ross: Hello Portland, Oregon and welcome to Friday night Demolition!
Tazz: Tonight will be a very special episode: the EHDW Awards!
Jim Ross: That's right, Tazz! We will have a series of awards, each with multiple nominees but only one winner. So let's jump right in, folks!

Starting off the EHDW Awards ceremony will be the award for the gimmick of the year! Here are the nominees.

Howard Finkel turned to the tron, and similar to the draft, it scrolled through multiple pictures of EHDW's roster until landing on a few.

The Dark... Angel!

Demolition Pbucket

Leon... Young!

Demolition Th_abyss

Cody... Rhodes!

Demolition Cody_Rhodes-1

And... Kane!

Demolition Pbucket

And now... presenting the award, will be... Pedro... the Janitor!

The crowd cheered upon seeing Pedro, a previous EHDW backstage worker making his return after a long while. He grinned as he walked up to the podium, then picked up an envelope.

And the winner of the gimmick of the year award...

He opened it up, and read a slip of paper.

The Dark... Angel!


All of the sudden, an eerily familiar song hit the speakers. The Dark Angel walked out as Pedro presented the award to him. Dark Angel proceeded to tear the trophy from his grasp and laugh sadistically before smashing it over his head and leaving.

Jim Ross: Well that was an... interesting encounter, but it's time for a next match.
Tazz: And after this, we'll be having some more awards for ya!

As the match starts off, Chris Jericho immediatly goes for Alex Jester. They lock up, but a swift kick to the side of Jericho from Punk lets Alex put him in a headlock. After wrenching a bit, he lets him go, and goes for a Chokeslam. As Jericho gets raised up, Punk sucker punches AJ, sending him out of the ring. Punk turns to Jericho, who is laying on the ground. He tries to dive on top of him, but Jericho lashes out with a swift boot. Jericho immediatly goes for the WALLS OF JERICHO, and actually locks them in, but AJ is back in the ring. He runs, bounces off the ropes, and delivers a vicious kick to Jericho's head. Alex goes to the top rope, looking for the Shooting Star Press to end the match. He leaps, but Punk pushes the ropes as he's going, and he slips and racks his balls in the top turnbuckle. Punk then goes and tries to lock in the ANDACONDA VICE on him, but gets shrugged off with a rope-break. Jericho delivers a Enzuiguri kick to Punks head. Jericho motions to Jester to help him, and they lift Punk up. They throw him overthe top rope, and he hit the ground with a sickening sound. They begin to lock-up,and start looking for the upper hand. Jericho pokes his eye, then hits a CODEBREAKER. Jester is out for the count, and Jericho knows it. He walks over to him slowly, taunting him along the way. Out of nowhere, Punk pulls Jericho out of the ring and kicks him in the head. He then sets him up and hits a GO 2 SLEEP. Punk then rolls Jericho into the ring, and lays over him. 1...2...3! Punk wins!

The following contest is a steel cage match... the only way to win is to exit the cage! Introducing first... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... he is the Hardcore Champion... The Dark... Angel!

Fear struck all audience members in attendance when The Dark Angel walked out to the stage. A frightening figure, he sported a black, blood-stained lucha libre-type mask that covered all of his face, even his eyes, and the Hardcore Championship wrapped around his waist, to add to his intimidating character. He slowly made his way down the ramp, seeming to focus on the ring; though it was hard to tell, since his eyes couldn't be seen. Finally, he climbed into the ring and his dreaded partner began to enter.

And his partner... from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds... I... D... M!

IDM glared on unenthusiastically at his partner as he made it out to the stage.

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