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PostSubject: Demolition   Demolition EmptyFri Dec 09, 2011 9:48 pm

Demolition Zje5id

Jim Ross: Hello, folks! Welcome to EHDW's Friday night Demolition, live from New Delhi, India!
Cole Scorpio: Tonight, it looks like Cody Rhodes is trying to get back at Phillip Phillips. A few months ago, Cody Rhodes demanded a first blood match; however, Phillip realized his disadvantage in the match due to Rhodes' mask, and denied the offer. But now that Cody is unmasked, they'll finally be having that competition.
Michael Cole: And what a brutal match it'll be, I'm sure!
Cole Scorpio: Anyways, starting us off tonight will be a tag team match.
Jim Ross: That's right, Cole. The Dark Angel chose Demolition's rookie, Maximilian Jacobs, to be his partner, while the Hardcore Champion's rival, IDM, will be teaming with Wade Barrett; another new folk, and leader of the Nexus.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... he is the Hardcore Champion... The Dark... Angel!

Dark Angel walked out to a dim arena like allways, entering for his tag team match. He had the Hardcore Championship in his hand tightly. He stoped at the middle of the ramp after hearing "Bad Kenny" change to something else...


When Prepare for Battle blared through the speakers, the lights in the arena went black except for one spotlight, which lit up Maximilian Jacobs, standing on the stage. The Dark Angel turned back to him and watched as he casually sauntered down the ramp, taking his sweet time. As his tag team partner advanced down the ramp, The Dark Angel noticed something; he had a microphone. Once Maximilian reached his partner, he turned to The Dark Angel and raised the microphone.

Hello, Dark Angel. Looks like we'll be teaming up today, eh?

The Dark Angel said nothing, but continued to stare at Max. However, Max now, turned serious.

Well then, you better give me your all. I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to win. So you better not screw that up.

Maximilian glared dependently at The Dark Angel then dropped the microphone as they continued down the ramp...

As the two entered the ring in their own fashion, Howard Finkel began to announce Maximilian.

And his partner... from Auckland, New Zealand, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... Maximilian... Jacobs!

Now in the ring, the two hovered around their corner and discussed match tactics; the first legal man, etc.

And their opponent... from Manchester, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty-six pounds... he is the leader of the Nexus... Wade... Barrett!

Wade Barrett walked down the ramp with a smug look on his face. The crowd booed as he dropped his coat on the ramp, then made his way to the ring. He entered the ring, then stood in the middle and raised his arm high in the air so the new Nexus armband was visible to all. He slowly lowered it, then adjusted his wrist tape as he turned to the stage and awaited his partner's entrance.

And his partner... from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds... I... D... M!

IDM walked down the ramp casually, disregarding the boos of the crowd. No gimmicks, no special effects, no pyros; he simply walked down the ramp expressionless until he reached the ring, in which he climbed directly up to the apron and entered.

Ding ding ding!

The first two legal men turned out to be the new guys, Maximilian Jacobs and Wade Barrett. Maximilian, the more technical one, slowly advanced forward to Barrett and held out his hand, signalling for a lock up. Barrett reluctantly reached out the same hand, but before they locked up, whipped out his other hand and nailed Max in the face with a huge blow. He then continued to nail Maximilian over and over again, punch after punch, until eventually hoarding him into the corner, in which the ref pulled him away. However, Wade broke free from the grasp of the ref, and began charging towards Max, who acted fast, throwing out his foot to nail an oncoming Barrett with a kenka kick.

Jim Ross: And a huge boot right to the face!
Cole Scorpio: Maximilian is an extremely talented and technical wrestler. This should be an interesting match.

Wade Barrett stumbled away, and Maximilian immediately rushed back towards him to nail a swinging neckbreaker. He then grabbed Wade by both legs and dragged him to the corner. He then locked in a cloverleaf, moderately close to the turnbuckle but not too close and with Barrett facing away from the ropes to avoid a rope break. With his free hand, he tagged in The Dark Angel, who came in and locked in a camel clutch at the same time.

Jim Ross: And what a display of teamwork! Two submission holds are being applied by now, in an innovative double-team maneuver!
Michael Cole: Wade Barret must be in a world of pain right now!

However, since both partners were in the ring, the ref began to count.

1... 2... 3...

Finally, Maximilian Jacobs broke up the cloverleaf and returned to the apron while The Dark Angel dropped the camel clutch and began stomping away at Barrett. Wade Barrett rolled over onto his back and tried to block the strikes, however, so Dark Angel backed away and rebounded off the ropes before somersaulting forward, then leaping into the air and nailing Barrett with a somersault senton.

Cole Scorpio: What a beautiful maneuver there by The Dark Angel! That one's one of my favorites, for sure...

The Dark Angel quickly tagged Max back in, then, trying to balance out the team's contribution. Barrett, in a state of distress, tried to crawl to his corner. However, Max grabbed him by the leg and pulled him in the middle of the ring before stepping over and locking in an STF. Wade Barrett squirmed in pain, and attempting to drag the two towards the ropes. However, Max saw this coming, and broke the hold; the submission was solely intended for weaking the opponent anyways, he didn't expect the Nexus leader to tap out with a simple move like that.

Jim Ross: And Maximilian now, displaying his submission expertise!

Maximilian then leaned near the corner, taunting his opponent for him to get back up to his feet, beating his chest, raising his arms, pointing to the crowd, and such. Finally, Barrett rose, and Max went charging towards him for a lariat. However, Barrett quickly ducking and spun behind him before nailing a back suplex. Finally, he managed to tag IDM in, who rushed into the action and took over. He lifted Max and hit a picture-perfect vertical suplex, but then rolled over and raised him for another, and another, and finally one last suplex, which he bridged.

1... 2... kickout!

Max sprung out of the pin, shocked at the opposing team's sudden dominance. He scrambled to his corner and just barely managed to tag in the Dark Angel before IDM got a hold of him. The Dark Angel leaped in now, rapidly nailing IDM with huge kicks to the chest area before finishing off with a beautifully executed enzuigiri. The Dark Angel then rebounded off the ropes again, looking for another rolling thunder. However, IDM lifted his knees, which were driven into the Hardcore Champion's spine as he fell. IDM then began to climb up the top rope. Wade Barrett cheered him on, knowing what was coming. But then, he realized Maximilian, an easy distraction. He hopped off the apron then rushed around the ring, pulling an unsuspecting Max off the apron.

Michael Cole: Wade Barrett, taking out the illegal man in this match as IDM looks to go for something big!

IDM then leaped off the top rope, front flipping twice for his finisher, the 450 splash. However, The Dark Angel was recovering and on his knees now, and caught IDM in a fireman's carry position. He rolled forward, nailing a Kamikaze Krash. Wade Barrett noticed, though, and leaped up to the apron. Before doing anything else, the Dark Angel rushed over and dropkicked Barrett back to ringside before scrambling over to IDM and going for the pin.

Jim Ross: BY GOD! IDM went for his finisher, but The Dark Angel caught him in midair and nailed a devastating Kamikaze Krash!

Here are your winners... The Dark Angel, and Maximilian... Jacobs!

Jim Ross: What a fantastic that match was! All four men are incredibly competitors, but I must say the team of The Dark Angel and Maximilian Jacobs really displayed a unique wrestling style!
Cole Scorpio: I agree, Jim. That match will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest, and I think all four have huge potential in this company.
Michael Cole: You said it. Anyways, we're moving on now. The International Champion, Christian, will be battling it out with Mark Henry; however, this match is not for the title.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-nine pounds... he is the International Champion... Christian!

Christian walked down the ramp with the International Championship slung over his shoulder. He ocassionaly glanced at the heavily booing crowd with a smug expression as he neared the ring. He walked up the steel steps, then climbed the turnbuckle and raised his title high in the air. He jumped off, then handed the title to the referee and tossed his shirt out of the ring as he waited for his opponent to enter.

And his opponent... from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at three hundred and ninety-eight pounds... Mark... Henry!

Mark Henry walked down the ramp with a concentrated look on his face, staring down the International Championship as he walked down the ramp. After heading up the steel steps, he climbed into the ring, continuing to glare at Christian as the ref called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Mark Henry kicked off the match quickly, charging in Christian's direction before taking him out with a huge boot to the face. With Christian down, Henry turned to the crowd and beat his chest then showed off his muscles, taunting his opponent. He turned around to lift Christian back up, who nailed Henry with a quick, discreet low blow before irish whipping Henry into the ropes. Henry rebounded off, and Christian leapfrogged over him. The second time around, he ducked under Henry's feet then sprung back up to take down the behemoth with a flapjack.

Michael Cole: Oh wow, I had no idea that so much power was bottled up inside of this cruiserweight!

Christian stretched his sore muscles a bit after somehow hauling the nearly 400-pounder into the air, then began to head up top, climbing the ropes in the corner. He leaned on the top rope to maintain his balance as Mark Henry slowly raised back to his feet. Finally, Christian leaped off, limbs outstretched, for a crossbody. Mark Henry, however, reacted quickly, grabbing Christian in midair. With the International champion raised high above his shoulders, Henry finally tossed him to the ground, and Christian tumbled face-first into the canvas.

Jim Ross: And what a display of pure strength by Mark Henry!
Cole Scorpio: Well, they don't call him The World's Strongest Man for nothing.

Christian rolled around in pain as Mark Henry backed up slightly, then rebounded off the ropes again; this time, purposely, before leaping down and nailing Chrisitian with a splash. He rolled over and hooked a leg for an early cover.

1... 2... kickout!

Jim Ross: That's nearly 400 pounds of man coming down on you, but somehow, Christian still managed to kick out!

Mark Henry, frustrated, began to lift Christian up now. He hauled Christian into the air, then squeezed the life out of him in a bearhug, violently shaking him around in the air to apply pressure to the hold. Christian struggled, but acted fast, leaning forward to lock Henry in a front facelock before falling back for an implant DDT. However, Henry kept his grasp tight in determination. Desperate to break the hold, Christian rolled over and got back up then lifted Henry once again, this time for sitout inverted suplex slam.

Michael Cole: Mark Henry is incredibly strong, and that bearhug's gotta hurt like nothing else!
Cole Scorpio: Yes, but Christian still managed to get out of it.

Christian then held his hand out over his eyes, taking a gander over the crowd. After really working up the crowd, he turned to Mark Henry and went behind him, then began to lift him up. He hooked both arms, then rolled over in preparation for a Killswitch. He then fell back, dropping Henry right on his face before rolling over for the pin. But then, just as the ref began to count, something came up on the tron saying "SAVE.US_Y2J". Christian, distracted, rose to his knees and looked up to the tron. After a few seconds, Chris Jericho appeared on the screen and began to speak.

Welcome to Demolition is Jericho! And I was just listening to your list of problems and grievances that you have with all my Jerichoholics, and I have a solution - and that solution is to SHUT THE HELL UP. But finally, Christian, next week people WILL be acknowledging you - they WILL be talking about the greatest moment of 2011 - they'll be talking about the night that Christian was brutally beaten by the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah for his International title cuz I hav talked to Phil and hes booked me in a match against you for your International title.So Good Luck ass clown until next week

While Christian was looking at the tron, Mark Henry slowly recovered. When Christian turned around, Mark Henry grabbed him and nailed a quick World's Strongest Slam before going for the pin.

1... 2... 3!

Jim Ross: And Mark Henry uses Christian's distraction to his advantage, getting the pinfall!

Here's your winner... Mark... Henry!

Jim Ross: What a shocking occurrence in that match!
Michael Cole: Well, Jericho wants his title shot.
Jim Ross: I could tell...
Cole Scorpio: Anyways, it's finally time for our main event: a first blood match.

The camera fades in from our last commercial break to Howard Finkel in the middle of the ring in his classic and classy tuxedo. He holds the microphone to his mouth, getting ready to cue the next match.

Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a first blood match. The only way to win this match is to be the first one to make your opponent bleed.

Only One Can Judge starts playing through the P.A. System, almost buried with the crowd's heat. An insecure, angry Cody Rhodes emerges from the curtain and shoves the camera away from him. He starts to make his way down the ramp while covering his face with his hand.

Howard Finkel: Introducing first, from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred thirty two pounds: Cody Rhodes!

Rhodes continues to push away the cameras that approach him and once near it, he rolls into the ring. He keeps his face concealed. Smackdown replaces Only One Can Judge to just about the same volume from the crowd, but in cheers. Phillip Phillips emerges from the curtain and nods at the fans in attendance. He points to a few in particular and starts walking down the ramp with a smile on his face.

Howard Finkel: And his opponent, making his way down the isle, from Versoix, Canton of Gevena, Switzerland, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds: Phillip Phillips!

Phillips walks up the steel steps and into the ring with obvious confidence in himself thanks to the way he walks and smirks. The referee notifies Rhodes that the match is about to begin as Smackdown slowly fades out the arena. The referee calls for the bell. This unleashes the rage locked inside of Cody Rhodes as he runs and screams towards Phillip Phillips as if he was at war, but Phillip side steps him and sends him over the ropes. Phillips rolls out the ring and tosses him over the steel steps. Phil runs towards Rhodes, but he gets a face-full of barricade when Cody drop-toe holds him. Rhodes grabs the steel steps and attempts to hit Phillips over the head with them, but it's reversed with a back-body drop. As Rhodes gets up, Phil backs up to getting a running start, in which he does. He runs towards the steel steps, hops on them and knocks Rhodes down with a flying clothesline.

Phil attempts to pick up Rhodes only to get low blow'd. Rhodes sends Phillips flying over the barricade, into the crowd. Cody jumps up on the barricade and jumps down, spearing Phillip in the steel ground. Phil gets sent over back to ringside and quickly followed by Cody Rhodes. Rhodes sends him into the side of the announcers table. He strips the table of all it's monitors and it's cover and lays Phil across it. He crawls to the top rope of the ring and jumps, but Phil moves out of the way and Rhodes becomes the victim of the table's brutality. Phil goes under the ring, completely under the ring. The crowd starts to die down, wondering what the fuck happened. Phillip comes back out from under the ring with a steel chair and runs towards Cody, but gets knocked down due to the ring bell, busting him open, ending the bout. The bell rings and Only One Can Judge is played again.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match: Cody Rhodes!
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