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Demolition Empty
PostSubject: Demolition   Demolition EmptyFri Nov 18, 2011 10:33 pm

Demolition Zje5id

Jim Ross: Hello folks, and welcome to EHDW's Friday Night Demolition!
Thor Jørgensen: We're live from Berlin, Germany in our European tour.
Michael Cole: Yeah, and just recently, Austin Cross had to vacate his Hardcore Championship due to a fatal disease.
Thor Jørgensen: That's right, Cole. So, tonight, a 10-man battle royal will be held to determine the new holder of the title.
Jim Ross: Well then, let's get this started!

* Jordan Spearson Comes to the ring. As people cheer him on

Jordan :

After last weeks actions i now know that my only friend is now my worst enemy. I don't like to think that but the actions that were made by him are completely up-surd. Steven roll the clip.


That is not the video i intended to show. looks like Steven is going to lose his job now show the real footage NOW!. [wait for the clip to be show after ten seconds] Thats it i have had it let me show you how to fucking work the video...

*he then stops at the ramp when a video of Jeff hardy is shown and is in-titled to listen


that's it im going to the GM office to request a match against you prick.
And when i get my match you will regret pissing me off.

*A man comes from the other side of the mini tron we find out that its Jeff hardy

Jeff hardy:

I cant wait for our match. i will crush you like a helpless little fly in my spider web just praying that i don't kill you first.

Ding ding ding!

Jeff Hardy began to hop around the ring, pacing his challenger, waiting to strike. Finally, he charged towards Jordan and went for a clothesline, but Spearson quickly slid out of the way and hit a pele kick from behind. Jordan sprung back up to his feet as Jeff scrambled to get back up. Jordan quickly took over Jeff in a side headlock, but "The Charismatic Enigma" rolled over into a front facelock before lifting him up and hitting a gourdbuster.

Jim Ross: A great start off to this match, with the upper hand quickly switching between the two!

Hardy quickly went back over to Jordan and stretched out his legs and hopped up, hitting a leg drop right to the groin. He quickly rolled Jordan over and grabbed his arm, then folded over his legs and locked in a Spine Line.

Thor Jørgensen: This is Hardy's version of the cloverleaf, and it looks very painful!
Michael Cole: Will Jordan tap?

Jordan struggled, awkwardly squirming in every way in attempt to break the hold. He eventually gave up, and resorted for a rope break. With Hardy sitting on his back, he desperately dragged himself towards the ropes. He was closer now, and, determined to break the hold, stretching out his arm as far as he possibly could. Though his fingers managed to just barely brush against the ropes, it wasn't significant enough for the referee to notice and consider a rope break. Only a few more inches, but the submission was quickly draining Jordan's strength and energy, weakening his legs cogently. Finally, Jordan reached out his arm just the slightest bit more, and clutched the bottom rope with a free arm. Jeff quickly noticed this when the referee began to count, and finally let go of the hold after the ref's two count. Jeff began to lift Jordan back up now, but once Jordan was back on his feet, his leg gave in and he fell to one knee. Jeff quickly spun around and went for a sitout jawbreaker to the prone Jordan, but just as Hardy began to fall down for the move, Spearson pushed him away. Jeff stumbled after the reversal, and Jordan quickly spun around for a neckbreaker.

Michael Cole: Man, I thought Jeff had got this one after that submission! But now, Jordan's in control!
Jim Ross: It's all in the timing, Cole...

Jordan hit a quick elbow drop to follow up the neckbreaker, then went for an early cover.

1... 2... kickout!

Jordan, frustrated, with the unsuccessful pinfall, decided to go for a submission of his own. He folded over Hardy's legs and locked in a tight sharpshooter, attempting to apply as much pressure as Hardy had earlier in his Spine Line. However, Jordan hadn't realized how close to the ropes he was when he locked in the hold, and it didn't take nearly as long for Jeff to get the rope break. Jordan, though infuriated, quickly broke up the hold to avoid disqualification. Jeff scrambled back up to his feet, and Jordan turned around, pulling his hair in anger. He turned back to Hardy only to meet a quick kick to the gut, then a front facelock. Hardy quickly spun around, preparing for a Twist of Fate.

Jim Ross: Oh my god, Jeff Hardy's finisher! The Twist of Fate!
Thor Jørgensen: This one could be over!

However, Jordan quickly pushed him away before Hardy could drag him down for a cutter. Jeff stumbled forward, but managed to catch himself and turn back to Jordan, who took the opportunity to charge at Hardy, hitting a lightning fast, blink-and-you'll-miss-it Spear.

Michael Cole: But no, it's Jordan's finisher now!
Jim Ross: SPEAR! SPEAR! By god, out of nowhere!

The crowd erupted in a massive, deafening ovation upon Jordan Spearson's finishing maneuver. He grinned and taunted the crowd before falling too his knees, then hooking Jeff Hardy's leg for a pin.

1... 2... 3!

Here's your winner... Jordan... Spearson!

Jim Ross: Well, Jordan Spearson just returned after an injury, and defeated Jeff Hardy!
Thor Jørgensen: Could this possibly be the spark of a rivalry between these two men?
Michael Cole: I don't know, but it looks like someone else is coming out to the stage right now!

The lights flash on and off and then finally turn off. Then a song starts.....

Alfred Louis Perez comes out into the arena and walks down the ramp with mic in hand leaps onto the turn buckle from the padding out the ring and stands there for a few seconds then jumps into the ring and begins to speak.

Alfred Louis Perez
"My name is, Alfred................ Louis............ Perez."

The crowd cheers on hearing Alfred's name.

Alfred Louis Perez
"I am finally back from an injury from Harcore Halloween after my match from K. Nash"

The crowd cheers and chants Nash multiple times.

Alfred Perez
"I nearly had a broken back from those Jacknives, but I am back and I am now gonna go after that Harcore Championship!"

The crowd cheers after hearing what has happened.

Alfred Louis Perez
"I dont care if Henry is the champ or if that goddamn christain is the champ I am gonna win that title NO MATTER WHAT!"

Alfred leaves the ring with the crowd cheering his name.

Jim Ross: And another return courtesy of Alfred Perez!
Michael Cole: Wow, a whole night full of returns here!
Thor Jørgensen: But it's time to continue the matches. Up next, we have the Light Heavyweight Championship on the line!

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Light Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-nine pounds... he is the Light Heavyweight Champion... Christian!

Christian walked down the ramp with the Light Heavyweight Championship slung over his shoulder. He ocassionaly glanced at the heavily booing crowd with a smug expression as he neared the ring. He walked up the steel steps, then climbed the turnbuckle and raised his title high in the air. He jumped off, then handed the title to the referee and tossed his shirt out of the ring as he waited for his opponent to enter.

And his opponent... from Othello, Washington, weighing in at two hundred and eight pounds... he is the Tag Team Champion... Davey... Richards!

Davey Richards sprinted down the ramp, staring at the ring as he received a fairly mixed reaction from the crowd. He slid into the ring, then went to the farthest turnbuckle and climbed up to the second rope. He raised his championship, then jumped off. He handed the title to the ref before running to the ropes, which he rebounded off and tossed his vest out of the ring. He stretched and leaned in his corner as he stared at Christian as the ref called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

The two men quickly locked up in a collar and elbow tieup, but it didn't take long for Christian to transition into a front facelock. Davey Richards quickly pushed him away, though, and got in a waistlock before pulling away and hitting a double knee backbreaker. Christian stumbled slightly, but the move wasn't enough to take him down. Davey noticed this and quickly got Christian in a headlock, before rolling over into a front facelock and hitting a snap DDT.

Jim Ross: Beautiful technical work by these two men!
Michael Cole: Yeah, lots of chain grappling there.

Davey moved over to where Christian was laying, and grabbed his left leg. He lifted it up, and pulled it over his shoulders, putting pressure on it for an over-the-shoulder Boston crab. Christian flailed around in pain, while, at the same time, attempting to get to the ropes. He slowly dragged himself, and fortunately (for him), Davey was too focused on putting pressure on the hold to notice. Christian finally grabbed a hold of the second rope, but Davey kept the submission locked in until the ref's two count. Davey pulled away, and Christian began to get up. When Christian got on his knees, Davey quickly shoved his head between his legs and pulled him over his shoulder for a powerbomb. However, Christian began to desperately rain down punches onto Davey's head and eventually countered into a hurricanrana. Christian then dragged Davey to the ropes and draped his head over the middle rope, proceeding to step on him and push him into the ropes, thus choking him. The ref began to count, and Christian pulled away just barely before five, but he wasn't done yet; he slingshotted over the top rope and out of the ring, then slapped Davey in the face. Instead of returning to the ring, Christian went back up the steel steps and climbed the top rope. He jumped off, then nailed Davey with a frog splash.

Jim Ross: Well somebody's taking flying lessons!
Thor Jørgensen: Yes, a high-risk maneuver there by Christian!

The impact of the move caused Christian to bounce off and go tumbling across the ring, but he quickly scrambled back to Davey and hooked a leg for the pin.

1... 2...

Davey Richards quickly countered into a rollup pin.

1... 2... kickout!

Christian scrambled back to his feet. Meanwhile, Davey grabbed onto the ropes and slowly pulled himself back up. Christian turned around and taunted the crowd, then went to lift Davey up. He quickly slapped him across the face, making Richards briefly dazed. He then hit a quick European uppercut and followed up with another slap, this time harder and strong enough to cause Davey to spin around. With his back facing Christian, "Captain Charisma" quickly hooked both arms.

Thor Jørgensen: Christian's got both arms hooked from behind... could this be the Killswitch?

However, Davey quickly spun around and grabbed him by the arm, then rolled over and applied neckscissors, for his finishing Kimura Lock. Christian almost immediately tapped, slapping his free hand against the canvas repeadetly.

Michael Cole: No, Davey Richards just countered into his own finisher!
Jim Ross: By god, what a counter! And Christian taps! We have a new Light Heavyweight Champion!

Davey Richards quickly broke the hold after Christian tapped, springing back up to his feet joyfully. The referee handed him the championship, and Davey quickly took it and ran up the turnbuckle, raising it high in the air. He then took his other belt, the Tag Team Championship, and slung it over his shoulder as he buckled the new title around his waist. He then took the Tag Team title, and buttoned it to his waist just above the other title.

Here's your winner, and the new Light Heavyweight Champion... Davey... Richards!

Thor Jørgensen: Oh wow, and we have a new Light Heavyweight Champion!
Jim Ross: By god!
Michael Cole: Well Jim, if that gave you anal bleeding, then you'll be perfectly ecstatic for this next match!
Thor Jørgensen: That's right. Up next, the Hardcore Championship will be on the line in a 10-man battle royal!
Jim Ross: Anal bleeding..?

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at three hundred and ninety-eight pounds... Mark... Henry!

Mark Henry walked down the ramp with a concentrated look on his face, then entered the ring, trying to get his entrance in as fast as possible in order to have enough time for the battle royal and main event of Demolition.

And his opponent... from Madrid, Spain, weighing in at three hundred and twenty-six pounds... Kane!

All lights in the arena turned red when Kane walked down the ramp, looking just as frightening as Mark Henry. He entered the ring, then raised his arms. As he dropped them back down to his sides, flames jetted from each turnbuckle.

And their opponent... from Choctaw, Mississippi, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... Zeke... Nero!

The crowd's boos continued as Zeke Nero sprinted down the ramp and slid into the ring, glancing at his two opponents before turning back to the stage for his next opponent to enter.

And their opponent... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... The Dark... Angel!

Another terrifying character walked down the ramp, lifting the streak of boos ever so slightly with the occasional cheer here and there.

And their opponent... from Death Valley, weighing in at two hundred and ninety-nine pounds... The Undertaker!

The Undertaker walked down the ramp, cloak and all, with a cloud of smoke gathering around his feet. He walked into the ring, then pulled off his hat before rolling his eyes behind his head. He set aside his attire as another competitor began to enter.

And their opponent... from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds... I... D... M!

Once again, the crowd began to boo as IDM walked down the ramp and into the ring.

And their opponent... from Richmond, California, weighing in at one hundred and thirty-four pounds... Alfred... Perez!

Finally, a sold cheer erupted from the crowd as Alfred Perez ran down the ramp. He grinned as he entered the ring and glanced at all of his opponents.

And their opponent... from Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... James... Storm!

James Storm strut down the ramp with a smug look on his face. After entering the ring, he tossed off his shirt and waited for the next opponent to enter.

And their opponent... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and forty-one pounds... Edge!

Edge walked out to a flurry of pyros. He walked down the ramp, then slid into the ring and hopped up to his feet as the final opponent began to enter.

And their opponent... from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds... Kigi... Kingston!

Kigi Kingston walked down the ramp with another mixed reaction from the crowd, then ran into the ring and jogged in place, preparing for the match to finally begin.

Ding ding ding!

Upon the sound of the bell, 10 men swarmed into the middle of the ring with left and right hands flying everywhere. For a long time, they all just rained down punches on whoever happened to be in the way of their fist. However, eventually, it got more technical. While James Storm pushed Edge into the turnbuckle, Alfred Perez charged towards Kigi Kingston and hopped up, taking him down with a clothesline. Meanwhile, half-brothers Undertaker and Kane teamed up for a double chokeslam on Mark Henry.

Jim Ross: In this match, the now-vacant Hardcore Championship is on the line!
Thor Jørgensen: That's right. Austin Cross just recently vacated it due to a risk of paralysis, and so Phillip made a battle royal.

The referee, distracted by James Storm now throwing punches to Edge in the corner, didn't notice IDM nail Zeke Nero with a huge low blow, sending him crashing to his knees. The ref then pulled away James, but it didn't take long for him to charge back at "The Rated R Superstar" with a facewash, a huge boot right to the face of Edge seated in the corner. Edge rolled to the ground near the ropes, and James grabbed the top rope for stability as he attempted to shove Edge out under the bottom rope using his foot. Meanwhile, Kigi was now in control over Alfred, taking him out with a thundering spear. Also, Kane, who had previously turned on his half-brother with a huge throat thrust, noticed James Storm attempting to eliminate Edge and went over to help out. Edge, however, tried everything he could to resist, now grabbing onto the bottom rope. Zeke Nero quickly took out IDM with an emerald fusion, then also noticed Edge. However, Mark Henry was back up and came running towards him. Zeke quickly dodged, though, and took him out with a clothesline before turning back to Edge and kicking him out of the ring with an Enslaved Hashi.

Jim Ross: By god! A finisher, already! Zeke Nero just eliminated Edge with a huge Enslaved Hashi!

Now that Edge was out, James Storm ran to take out Kigi Kingston with a spear of his own while Kane quickly eliminated The Undertaker, dropping him out of then ring in a flash with a back body drop.

Michael Cole: Ooh, and 'Taker's out...

While James locked in a sharpshooter in attempt to weaken Kigi's quick legs, The Dark Angel hit Zeke Nero with a quick forearm smash, dazing him long enough to follow up with a quick snapmare. He then rebounded off the ropes, and slid down for a low dropkick right to the face of Nero. He hopped back up to his feet only to meet face-to-face with "The Big Red Monster". The two stared eachother down. Despite the significant size difference, Dark Angel didn't look the least bit intimidated by the 7-foot behemoth. Kane made the first move, lifting the Dark Angel by the throat with his two hands in a chokehold. However, he quickly countered with a knee to the head, then dropped back down and swung around for a neckbreaker. The Dark Angel quickly turned around, but IDM came running with a clothesline. However, Dark Angel dodged and IDM went rolling over the top rope. He quickly grabbed the rope and managed to pull himself back up to the apron, but The Dark Angel took him out for good with an enzuigiri, eliminating yet another opponent.

Jim Ross: And The Dark Angel is quickly dominating in this match!
Thor Jørgensen: Yeah, I really thought IDM had saved himself there...

Kane was back on his feet by now, and he broke up James' sharpshooter with a boot to the face, and Mark Henry followed it up with a running splash to James. Meanwhile, Kigi slowly dragged himself back to his feet and Zeke Nero dazed Dark Angel with a kenka kick to the face. He then followed up with a quick Jackknife Powerbomb before locking in a Hell's Gate. Now Kane and Mark Henry were facing off. Henry hit Kane with a huge scoop slam, but the giant quickly got back up to his feet. Mark Henry then headbutted Kane a few times, dazing him enough to lift him in a gorilla press position. Kane squirmed in the hold, attempting to get out as Mark Henry moved towards the ropes. Kane tried to get out, but he just couldn't fight Henry's strength, who dropped him out of the ring.

Michael Cole: Yet another opponent eliminated!

Then, Mark Henry focused his attention to Kigi Kingston. He took him out with a shoulder block, then lifted him back up, he headbutted Kigi, rattling his skull before tossing the West African superstar over the top rope with ease. While Dark Angel countered Zeke Nero's modified gogoplata into an alley oop powerbomb, Mark Henry, now dominating, was attempted to be stopped by James Storm, who went for a double knee facebreaker. However, before he could crack his knees over "The World's Strongest Man"'s face, Henry pushed him up and countered into a back body drop, eliminating the third opponent in a row.

Jim Ross: And Henry is just dominating in the contest!
Thor Jørgensen: I guess he really wants that title back.

Now, three men remained. They each glanced at eachother, deciding what to do; who to take down, who to team up with... eventually, it was Zeke Nero they targeted. Dark Angel hit a discus elbow smash, allowing Henry to lock him in a bearhug. The two teamed up briefly now, Dark Angel jumping up to break the bearhug in a bone-snapping neckbreaker. Zeke Nero quickly tried to crawl away from them, resting on the second rope. However, Mark Henry ran at him with a leapfrog body guillotine, sandwhiching Zeke's head between the weight of Henry and the ropes. Zeke fell out of the ring, and Mark Henry quickly climbed back up to the apron, leaving two men. Mark Henry seemed stunned and tired, and turn towards the ring and tried to catch his breath. However, just as he was about to re-enter the ring, Dark Angel jumped up with lightning speed onto Henry's shoulders, and twisted around, pulling him down with a hurricanrana. Henry toppled to the outside, but The Dark Angel grabbed onto the ropes to avoid elimination himself.

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner, and the new Hardcore Champion... The Dark... Angel!


The Dark Angel grabbed the title from the ref, raising it in victory.

Jim Ross: Oh, wow! The Dark Angel is now not only the new Hardcore Champion, but he will still be competing in the Pay Day Match this Sunday!
Michael Cole: Could this mean two titles for the newest dominating force here in EHDW?
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