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 Chris Jericho Promo

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PostSubject: Chris Jericho Promo   Chris Jericho Promo EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 8:39 pm

A countdown appears on the titan tron. The light dimmers down, the crowd start counting down 5 4 3 2 1. Pyro goes off and out emerges Chris Jericho as his theme is played. He walks out but stops at the top and looks on. He stares at the arena a disgusting smirk appears on his face. The crowd rile up with boos as Jericho makes it to the ring. He gets in fixing his suit and adjusting his tie before picking up his microphone.

Chris Jericho
Welcome back to raw is Jerichooooooo. This "gimmick" is what you hypocrites want I won't give it to you. All you troglodyte understand this that Y2J is dead never to come again. Unlike you putrid people I keep my promises. The WWE is nothing interesting the storylines are bland and unentertaining. Thats why I'm here to fight and prove to the world that your best is not good enough to the likes of Chris Jericho. This company hypes up pointless arguements I am here to distinguish all of that so it revolves to important matters me because I know what you tapeworms want whether you know it or not. I am the foundation of wrestling and I make things popular without Chris Jericho this world would be utterly lost. This wrestling universe have nothing againt me I am the sole reason you come to this show. You worship me because no one has my talent and will never and I mean never match my abilities.

The crowd starts chanting JERICHO SUCKS![i/]

Chris Jericho
Now let me get start.............


Chris Jericho
What all you want junior. It makes no difference


Chris Jericho
You parasites are all the same being someone they aren't. Pretending to be Stone Cold Steve Austin I am better than him. I will remind you that he lost to me the very night I became the first ever undisputed champion. Yet this roster is feuding on which side is better these childish brats have no idea what they are dealing with. I am the best in the world and no one can prove otherwise

Crowd starts chanting CM PUNK!

Chris Jericho
CM Who oh the one who copied my phrase. I have no words to describe how truly pathetic he is. The WWE have begun taking my moves my gimmick my everything thus resulting in a lower rating. This roster has a little bit of a chance I will turn this program and turn it around. I am the best at what I do and all you can worship my every move because I am bringing changes that you will just love. Wait a minute I am here to make a change for me all you people can go die in a hole. This show will only spectate the success of Chris Jericho. This roster pfft is nothing compared to the talent in this squared ring. Michael Cole is more talented than everyone in the locker room. I am here to bring back Chris Jericho's era to everyone whether you like it or not. Do you understand what I am telling you right now? Can you comprehend the words I dictated? No, you are all mindless sheeps who needs saving from me CHris Jericho

Chris Jericho drops the mic and walks out of the ring as the arena is exploding in BOOOS! Chris Jericho turns around to give a disgisting smirk and a chucke as he disssapears from the arena.
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Chris Jericho Promo
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