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 Austin Cross' WWE 12 Universe

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PostSubject: Austin Cross' WWE 12 Universe   Austin Cross' WWE 12 Universe EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 6:51 pm

This week, Smackdown is in San Francisco, California

Match 1
Sin Cara vs Mark Henry
Match Description: The size difference was just too much. Sin Cara did get in a few kicks and even locked in an Octopus Stretch, but got slammed down on his head for the effort. From there on Mark Henry just threw him around, even going up top and splashing down. The World's Strongest Slam was just to add insult to injury.
Winner: Mark Henry via Worlds Strongest Slam (3:54)

Match 2
Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Match Description: Sheamus was out to prove himself, and that he did. Daniel Bryan didn't even get out of his corner before he was getting beaten down by a barrage of punches, kicks, and headbutts. That was only the beginning, however. Sheamus set him up on the top rope, got in position, and hit a HUGE High Cross. Bryan was done there, but Sheamus wasn't. He picked Daniel back up and knocked his head off his shoulders with a Brouge Kick before pinning him.
Winner: Sheamus via Brogue Kick (2:46)

Match 3
Ezekiel Jackson vs Christian
Match Description: Alberto Del Rio evidently hasn't forgotten about Christian since being drafted to Raw, because while Captain Charisma was making his entrance, The Mexican Aristocrat jumped him from behind, giving Ezekiel Jackson an even bigger advantage, which he gladly used by leaving the ring to continue the assault on the outside. Christian, despite his best efforts, couldn't fight back against the brute, and was quickly taken out with a big spinning slam. Christian wasn't too happy, and while Ezekiel was celebrating, kicked him in the balls.
Winner: Ezekiel Jackson via Spinning side slam (2:11)

Main Event
??? vs The Undertaker
Match Description: This time it was Undertaker's turn to face a Demolition member, this time Smash. The match was very one-sided, with Undertaker showing why he truly is the best in the business. His destructive strikes and signature Hells Gate submission succumbed Smash quickly.
Winner: The Undertaker via Hells Gate (3:48)
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Austin Cross' WWE 12 Universe
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