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 Austin Cross and Fortune.

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Austin Cross and Fortune.  Empty
PostSubject: Austin Cross and Fortune.    Austin Cross and Fortune.  EmptySun Oct 23, 2011 3:02 pm

Cross entered the arena to mixed reactions. He just stood the and smiled at the fans, pressing down his neatly tailored suit, then looked back at the fans who were both cheering and booing.

Suddenly, the music changed.

Cross then continued down the ramp, throwing his hands into the Fortune symbol. He climbed the Steel steps and stepped into the ring, snatching a Mic from Ringside. He stood a moment, and then started talking, slower and deeper than usual. "Hello. My name is Austin Cross." A fan screamed 'I hate you Cross', and he started slowly chuckling. "I'm glad Fortune showed me who you people truly are. A bunch of idiotic losers who have no lives." Boo's ring out from the stands. "Well. I'm not going to go very in depth, As I know it's hard for you to understand bigger words that "Food" and "Candy", So i'll make it simple. My actions on Demolition are a direct effect from how I was treated by D.S. They treated me like worthless dirt. But Fortune, they understand! They KNOW HOW IT FEELS to be great and not used. And it's that simple. So, please welcome my new friends, FORTUNE!".
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Austin Cross and Fortune.
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