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 Austin Cross' WWE 12 Universe

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This week, Raw is in Los Angeles, California.

Match 1
Triple H vs CM Punk
Match Description: Punk took control early in the match, utilizing his quick strikes to damage HHH. Triple H reversed a G.T.S. and started making a comeback, even hitting a Pedigree. It wasn't enough, however, because Punk rolled him up, and then locked in an Anaconda Vice, forcing him to submit. After the match, Brock Lesnar ran out and completely decimated Punk, destroying him at ringside.
Winner: CM Punk via Anaconda Vice. (4:41)

Match 2
Otunga & McGillicutty vs Kane & Big Show
Match Description: Kane and Otunga started it off, with Kane quickly taking the upperhand. After slamming him around the ring, he knocked him to ringside, and beat him out there. After they returned to the ring, he hit him with a Chokeslam, and went for the pin. The Big Show accidently distracted the ref, which allowed McGillicutty to break the pin, and the two assaulted Kane. After battling back, Otunga tagged in McGillicutty and Kane tagged Big Show. Big Show hit a W.M.D, then tagged in Kane, who Chokeslammed him too. Otunga stood at ringside as Kane pinned McGillicutty.
Winner: Kane via Chokeslam (8:16)

Match 3
Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix
Match Description: Before it started, Layla came and sat at ringside to watch the match. This distracted Kelly, and beth took advantage of this. Quickly laying K2 to waste, Beth Phoenix hit her with a Glam Slam and pinned her very early.
Winner: Beth Phoenix via Glam Slam (2:30)

Main Event
??? vs John Cena
Match Description: In a strange turn of events, Ax from Demolition came out and challenged Cena, asking him to prove himself. Cena accepted, and the match went as you would expect. Quick little exchanges of punches and grapples, a few slams here and there. John Cena grounded him and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, liften him up, and adjusted his Attitude, and proceeded to pin him.
Winner: John Cena via Attitude Adjustment (3:44)
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Austin Cross' WWE 12 Universe
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