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Demolition Empty
PostSubject: Demolition   Demolition EmptyFri Dec 16, 2011 9:18 pm

Demolition Zje5id

Michael Cole: Hello, EHDW fans, and welcome to Friday night Demolition. We're live from Bejing, China, and we've got a special show tonight.
Jim Ross: That's right, Cole. Tonight we will be holding the first ever EHDW Draft, to welcome the newest brand, EWF.
Cole Scorpio: Let's go!

The bell rang and Chris DeAngelo charged into action, but was quickly flattened by the extreme power of Leon Young. Leon dragged Chris up and started to nail him with lefts and rights. Leon eventually tried for a spinebuster but Chris used some of his strength to swing out of it and set up his finisher, the double underhook DDT. Leon wasn't going to get beaten this easily and tossed Chris in the air with a back body drop type manoeuvre. Leon taunted at the crowd, getting some heat. Chris was rising to his feet and challenged with a double leg takedown, somehow taking the monster of a man down. DeAngelo then locked in a deadly half-nelson choke, also applying body scissors for pressure. Leon was blacking out due to the lack of breath, and Chris was ever so slowly making the hold tighter and tighter, until eventually Leon had no choice but to tap out.


Howard Finkel walked back into the ring from his seat at ringside. He picked up the microphone, and began to announce the first ever man to be drafted to EWF.

Please welcome to the EHDW Draft... being drafted first...

He turned to the titanTRON as it ran through pictures of everyone on EWF's roster, until finally landing on one.

Demolition 2z3nu2w

Phillip... Phillips!

The titanTRON now switched to a scene of all of EWF's roster sitting in a room backstage with Demolition shirts. Phillip Phillips stood up, grinning as he pulled it off and replaced it with an EWF shirt, then moved over to the other side of the room, which was filled with empty chairs. He sat in one as he anxiously awaited the next draftee.

And the next to be drafted to EWF...

The same screen appeared once again.

Demolition UNDERTAKER5


Phillip shrugged as the next wrestler was drafted to EWF, not knowing much of him even after his debut match.

And the next to be drafted to EWF...

Once again, the TRON flipped through multiple pictures of EWF's roster as Levikhan headed to the EWF side.

Demolition Cody_Rhodes16

Cody... Rhodes!

Phillip's grin quickly flipped over into a frown when his longtime rival, Cody Rhodes followed the same procedure then moved to the EWF side of the room. The video faded on the titanTRON as the next match began.

The following contest is a steel cage match... the only way to win is to exit the cage! Introducing first... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... he is the Hardcore Champion... The Dark... Angel!

Fear struck all audience members in attendance when The Dark Angel walked out to the stage. A frightening figure, he sported a black, blood-stained lucha libre-type mask that covered all of his face, even his eyes, and the Hardcore Championship wrapped around his waist, to add to his intimidating character. He slowly made his way down the ramp, seeming to focus on the ring; though it was hard to tell, since his eyes couldn't be seen. Finally, he climbed into the ring and Jeff Hardy began to enter.

And his opponent... from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... Jeff... Hardy!

The crowd booed as Jeff Hardy came out to the stage, crawling down the ramp. He emerged from the smoke sporting glow-in-the-dark paint. He stared at his opponent as he walked down the ramp, trying to look confident; but as his face clearly showed, deep down inside, he was scared. He breathed deeply in hopes to win the match as he entered the ring, then the ref called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

The Dark Angel immediately began raining down on Jeff Hardy with a flurry of kicks to the midsection, quickly kicking off the match (no pun intended). Jeff bent over in pain, then stood back up only to meet a discus elbow smash right to the kisser. Jeff toppled to the ground, and The Dark Angel ran up the ropes, following up with a beautifully executed springboard moonsault.

Jim Ross: And The Dark Angel is quickly taking the upper hand in this match, completely annihilating Jeff Hardy, giving him no room to breathe!

Appearing to look to finishing off the match quickly, the Hardcore Champion already began to scale the massive steel structure. However, he only made it about halfway up the cage when Jeff Hardy scrambled back to his feet and tore him off, removing his grip from the steel wall. Now Jeff took his turn, using the rope for leverage as he looked to escape. However, only the same happened; Dark Angel returning back to his feet just in time to pull Jeff down; though The Dark Angel put more creativity into this method, removing Jeff from the cage wall with a full nelson slam.

Michael Cole: What a stunning display of technicality by the Hardcore Champion here in this match!
Cole Scorpio: Yes, he's certainly spicing up normally fairly generic wrestling tactics.

Now The Dark Angel decided he would continue the match a little bit longer, only to provide more pain and suffering to Jeff Hardy. Despite submissions not counted in the match, The Dark Angel decided to take his attempt at weakening "The Charismatic Enigma", locking in a barely legal submission to weaken the arm of the Hardy and make climbing the cage a more difficult task. Once he was satisfied by the agony induced, he dropped Jeff's arm, who immediately began to clutch it, displaying the pain.

Jim Ross: The Dark Angel, working on Jeff Hardy's arm now.
Michael Cole: Jeff definitely looks like he could be in a lot of trouble in this match if he doesn't get his head back in the game.
Cole Scorpio: Yeah, so far The Dark Angel has been completely destroying Hardy.

As Jeff Hardy slowly stood up, The Dark Angel continued to apply pressure to the same arm, using a chickenwing now to do so. However, the more pain and suffering inflicted on him by The Dark Angel, the more motivated he became. Jeff countered the submission, using all his strength to hurl The Dark Angel over his shoulder and onto the mat with a hip toss. Trying to regain his competence in the match, Hardy took over now, spreading apart The Dark Angel's legs to nail him with a leg drop right to his demon balls.

Cole Scorpio: But it looks like the Jeff Hardy is getting his turn!
Michael Cole: Could this be the turning point in this match?

Jeff Hardy taunted the crowd, relived to get his chance to dominate the opponent. He lifted Dark Angel up, now, and tossed him into the steel wall. The Dark Angel fell over the top rope and became stuck, sandwiched between the wall and the ropes. Jeff Hardy realized this, and used it to his advantage.

Jim Ross: By god! Jeff Hardy is using this cage as a weapon, now, but The Dark Angel had a bit of a slip and is now stuck!
Cole Scorpio: This could certainly cost him the match, if Jeff Hardy doesn't fuck anything up...

Jeff Hardy grinned at the occurrence, and rebounded off the ropes, sliding back to nail a baseball slide right to the face of a trapped Dark Angel. Jeff Hardy now made what was probably not a very good move, however; grabbing Dark Angel by the legs and dragging him out of the fissure to nail a wheelbarrow suplex.

Cole Scorpio: Yup, he fucked it up. Way to take ol' Cole's advice, Jeff.
Jim Ross: Well, as much as I hate to play favorite, I'm going to have to agree with you, Cole. Jeff Hardy certainly could've used that position of the Dark Angel to his advantage; the Hardcore Champion was clearly trapped, and it was the perfect time for Jeff to simply escape the cage!

Despite the slight blooper, however, Jeff Hardy decided to attempt to make his way up the cage once again. He appeared to be looking up to success; however, about halfway up the cage, The Dark Angel began to rise. Once standing stably, he advanced towards the cage wall, though didn't remove Jeff Hardy of it; he followed Jeff up the cage. Jeff made it to the top, and sat on the ledge, regaining his extremely low stamina; not noticing The Dark Angel, close behind. The Dark Angel made it up, now, and seated himself across from Hardy. They began trading blows, slowly standing up as they did so.

Jim Ross: This is a very dangerous position for both of these men!

Eventually, The Dark Angel once again took the upper hand in the match. He hit Jeff Hardy with a European uppercut, stunning him for long enough to The Dark Angel to go around him and hop up onto his shoulders and backflipping, nailing a hurricanrana off the top of the cage.

Cole Scorpio: Woah there, Jim, don't get your panties all up in a bunch...

For the longest time, the two men lay motionless on the canvas; both feeling the effects of the move. However, after a minute or so, The Dark Angel began to stir. He managed to make it to his knees. "Open.. the goddamn... door..." The Dark Angel barely muttered. The ref did as he was told, unlocking the steel door as The Dark Angel began to crawl, almost drag himself, towards the exit. Finally, he made it to the corner, and slid under the bottom rope, thus exiting the cage.

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner... The Dark... Angel!


As the cage began to raise, The Fink once again re-entered the ring, with his microphone.

Once again, it is time for the EHDW Draft!

The usual randomizing screen appeared on the titanTRON as the next member of EWF's roster would be picked.

Demolition 2ytxk5f

Maximilian... Jacobs!

Maximilian Jacobs seemed pleased to be a part of EWF.

And the next to be drafted...

The screen faded back to the roster again as Max sat down.

Demolition Pbucket

Michael... London!

As Michael London changed his shirt and sat down on the EWF side, The Fink began to announce the next match.

The following contest is a tables match... the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table! Introducing first... from Ipswich, England, weighing in at one hundred and fifty-four pounds... he is the EWF Champion... Sean... Masters!

The crowd cheered as Sean Masters walked down the ramp, the EWF Championship in which he brought back buckled around his waist. As he walked down the ramp, he slapped the outstretched hands of the crowd then headed up the steel steps, climbing the turnbuckle before entering the ring. He raised his title while on the top rope, then hopped into the ring and did the same on the opposite turnbuckle, jumping down but still hovering around his corner as Randy Orton began to enter.

And his opponent... from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... he is the EHDW Champion... Randy... Orton!

More cheers erupted from the crowd when Randy Orton entered the arena and began to walk down the ramp, EHDW Championship slung over his shoulder. He glanced at the centerpiece, then concentrated on the ring as he walked down the ramp. He briefly stopped in front of the ring and stared off into space, then headed towards the ramp. He pulled off the belt, then stopped on the apron before entering the ring. He climbed the turnbuckle and raised the belt, then jumped off and handed it to the referee as he stared down his opponent.

Ding ding ding!

Sean Masters and Randy Orton locked up, but Orton quickly rolled over into a headlock. However, Sean grabbed Orton's arm and twisted it around into an arm wringer, only for Orton to use it to his advantage, pulling Sean back then clotheslining him down. After stomping on "The Mastermind" to the point where the referee had to pull him away, Randy rolled out of the ring and got his hands on a table.

Jim Ross: Tonight, two world champions will be competing, Randy Orton representing Demolition while Sean Masters is from EWF. However, there's a catch; tables.
Cole Scorpio: That's right. Tonight's match should be absolutely brutal.
Michael Cole: And after this, we'll have another final draft. Who will leave Demolition for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's newest addition to EHDW, EWF?

Randy Orton folded up the legs of the table then tossed it over the rope and into the ring, which just so conveniently happened to hit Sean Masters, who was now standing, and knock him down. As Sean tumbled to the ground, Orton set up the table near the middle of the ring and lifted Sean back up. He locked in a front facelock and tried to lift him up, but Pat planted his feet on the ground and countered into a suplex of his own, just barely missing the table. Sean then moved the table off to the side a bit, so there was more room to wrestle.

Cole Scorpio: Randy Orton was about to put Sean Masters through the table there, but Sean just wouldn't let that suplex happen!

As Orton rose, Sean stood at the ready then irish whipped him into the turnbuckle when the time was right. He then followed Orton to the turnbuckle, nailing him with a crossbody that sandwiched Orton between "The Mastermind" and the turnbuckles. Orton stumbled away, and Sean used the momentum from the rebound to nail an exploder suplex. Orton stumbled back up to his feet, but Sean was determined to take him out for good, nailing a quick atomic drop.

Jim Ross: Such an amazing technical display by Sean Masters in this match!
Michael Cole: Well, he isn't world champion for nothing...
Cole Scorpio: Yeah, he's world champion because he pretty much gave it to himself.
Jim Ross: Don't kill the mood, Cole; even so, he deserves that title.

Sean Masters taunted the crowd before turning back to Randy Orton. He went to pull Demolition's world champion back to his feet, but Orton countered, nailing him with a huge axe handle to the midsection. Finally, taking his turn for domination in the match, "The Viper" backed up, rebounding off the ropes before taking down Sean with a Lou Thesz press, finishing off with a flurry of punches. Now he performed his signature taunt, tossing his arms around violently as he shook around then turned to Sean. He pulled him up in a front facelock before tossing his arm over his shoulder and nailing a falcon arrow. He then fell to the mat, pounding on the ground, taunting for the RKO.

Jim Ross: "The Apex Predator" is stalking his prey, looking for an RKO now!
Michael Cole: That's right, Jim. At first, Sean Masters had the upper hand on Orton in this match. But now, "The Viper" has came back.

Sean Masters fell into Randy Orton's trap, slowly standing up. As soon as he had made it back to his feet, Orton leaped up for an RKO, preparing to put Sean through a table with it. However, "The Mastermind" counter, tossing Orton back over him to nail an Osaka street cutter. The crowd began to boo as it was now Sean's turn to taunt. He leaned against the ropes as Orton slowly stood up. Once Orton was finally up, groggy and vulnerable, right in front of the table, Sean Masters rebounded off the ropes and leaped up, nailing The Eliminator that put Randy Orton right through the table.

Jim Ross: BY GOD! Orton went for an RKO, but Sean Masters countered before nailing his finisher, the Eliminator, putting Orton clean through that table!
Cole Scorpio: What an amazing way to finish the match! They don't call him "The Mastermind" for nothing...
Jim Ross: This one will certainly go down in history!

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner... Sean... Masters!


The crowd exploded in boos and "you suck" chants as Sean Masters climbed the turnbuckle, raising his EWF Championship victoriously.

Howard Finkel returned to the ring just as Sean Masters began to leave with his championship.

It is time for the final draft! Now to be drafted...

The Fink stared at the TRON as it flipped through the roster profiles.

Demolition Pbucket

Jesús... Gutiérrez!

Jesús switched out his Demolition shirt with the EWF one, then sat next to Michael London with the group of new EWF members.

To be drafted next...

Once again, all stared anxiously at the pictures on the TRON.

Demolition Pbucket

Alfred... Perez!

After swapping shirts, Alfred seated himself next to fellow Mexican, Jesús Gutiérrez.

Now to be drafted...

With only a few more members to be drafted, everyone was anxious to see who would be next.

Demolition Pbucket

Zeke... Nero!

Zeke Nero was another that appeared to be happy to be on EWF, a grin quickly forming on his face as he seated.

And now, for the final draftee...

The roster scrolling seemed to be longer now, hyping up for the final wrestler to be drafted to EWF.

Demolition Chris_Hero

Even Howard Finkel seemed confused, but still tried his best to announce it enthusiastically.

Cole... Scorpio!

Out of nowhere, Cole Scorpio showed up on the TRON, not previously sitting with the other roster members. Already wearing a EWF shirt, he plopped down in the EWF area as the show began to close.

Jim Ross: By god, Cole Scorpio! Cole Scorpio has returned!
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