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 Decapitation Station (Dolph Ziggler, The Notorious TRE, and Davey Richards) vs. Fortune (Chris Tame, Sean Masters, and Christian)

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Decapitation Station (Dolph Ziggler, The Notorious TRE, and Davey Richards) vs. Fortune (Chris Tame, Sean Masters, and Christian) Empty
PostSubject: Decapitation Station (Dolph Ziggler, The Notorious TRE, and Davey Richards) vs. Fortune (Chris Tame, Sean Masters, and Christian)   Decapitation Station (Dolph Ziggler, The Notorious TRE, and Davey Richards) vs. Fortune (Chris Tame, Sean Masters, and Christian) EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 10:57 am

The following contest is a Chamber of Horrors match! Making their way to the ring... at a combined weight of six hundred and fifty-four pounds... Decapitation... Station!

The three Decapitation Station members casually sauntered down the ramp, each with a smug look on their face, completely ignoring the crowd other than the ocassional glance accompanied by a smirk. Despite the three heels representing the stable, the crowd had a fairly mixed reaction; most favoring Decapitation Station but not the men fighting for it tonight. Once finally near the ring, they each entered by climbing up a set of stairs up to the turnbuckle, where the signature Decapitation Station throat-cut taunt was simultaneously performed by the three. They all hopped down at their own pace, then whispered things to eachother while contiuing to lock their eyes on the stage as Fortune began to enter.

And their opponents... at a combined weight of five hundred and seventy-nine pounds... they are the Tag Team Champions... Fortune!

Now it was the three Fortune members turn, each with a championship of their own. Christian and Chris Tame had it slung over their shoulders, while Sean Masters' was buckled around his waist. They looked confident to retain their titles, despite the loss of the leader, AJ Styles. They, too ignored the crowd, keeping their eyes locked at the opponents in the ring, appearing to be discussing some sort of game plan. They finally entered the ring, then paced around with both arms raised in the air as the ref called for the bell, signalling the lowering of the massive, roofless steel cage around the outside of the ring.

Ding ding ding!

As soon as the bell sounded, pure chaos unleashed in that ring. The two stables grouped together in the center, raining down left and right hands everwhere. They didn't seem to care who they were hitting, as long as it was someone from the rival team. After the punching frenzy finally slowed down, each sort of partnered off and did their own thing. While TRE took down Sean with a beautiful dropkick, Davey Richards scoop slammed the air out of Christian's lungs. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler was clotheslined out of it by Chris Tame. As Chris continued to work at Ziggler with a single-leg Boston crab, TRE began to lift Sean back up only to take him out of him with a quick snap DDT. After Christian recovered from the scoop slam, Davey noticed him back on his feet and locked in an arm wrench. Christian struggled in the hold, but Davey let go of it after a kick to the arm followed up by a quick STO. Christian held his arm in pain, when Davey turned around and noticed Chris Tame dominating his partner. Davey quickly came to Ziggler's aid, knocking the wind out of Chris with a double knee backbreaker. He helped his partner up, then Dolph bent over while Richards lifted him up, providing a great display of teamwork with a Powerbreaker. Chris Tame rolled out of the ring and managed to get back to his feet doing so, but clutched his back in pain and leaned against the cage wall for support. By now, Sean was back to his feet, and he and TRE were even, battling back and forth with a trading of punches. Sean took the upper hand with a kick to the midsection, then irish whipped TRE into the ropes. He rebounded off twice, but the third time Sean clotheslined him out of the ring before just as he hit the rope. TRE scrambled to his feet, but Sean slingshot over the top rope and took him back down with a crossbody. As Chris and Dolph traded punches outside of the ring, Davey took down Christian with a snap suplex then headed up top. However, before he could leap, Sean saw him and caught him on the top rope, throwing him off the turnbuckle and to the outside. Christian, shocked, quickly rolled out of the ring to help Sean work away at TRE.

All of the sudden, a second cage began to lower through the opening of the outer one. It contained an electric chair, and the only way to win the match. The cage slowly stopped in the center of the ring, but the men tried to ignore it as they worked away at eachother. However, Fortune finally decided to use this to their advantage. Chrstian rolled TRE back into the ring as Sean headed towards Davey. Christian opened the door to the cage containing the chair, and lifted up TRE. attempted to fight back with a kick to the head, but Christian quickly caught his foot and used it to push TRE into the chair. TRE fell back into a seated positon, and Dolph Ziggler was suplex by Chris Tame just as this happened. Chris noticed this, and began to climb up the outer cage towards the lever that would electrocute TRE and allow Fortune to retain the Tag Team Championships. However, he didn't notice Davey Richards fighting back; Sean Masters went for a crossbody, but Davey caught him in midair and hit a powerslam. After this, he noticed Chris scaling the cage. Davey sprinted towards him, and stunned him with a huge club to the back. This caused him to lose his balance and fall backwards; however, his feet were caught in the rungs of the cage. Davey used Chris' prone position to hook both of his arms and pull him away from the cage, hitting his finisher, the Tiger Driver '98! Just as this happened, TRE pushed Christian away and scrambled out of the chair, then speared him down. By now, Sean was back to his feet, but not for long. Dolph Ziggler quickly took out "The Mastermind" with a superkick, leaving only Decapitation Station standing.

Breathing heavily, they all suddenly realized this as they stared at the motionless Fortune members laying on the ground outside the ring. Finally, after a brief (but barely audible) discussion Davey Richards rolled Chris Tame back into the ring. TRE followed close by, as Dolph Ziggler began to aim for the lever. TRE opened the door to the cage, and Davey hauled Chris back to his feet and dragged him towards the door. TRE stood in front of the chair and locked in a full nelson as Davey punched and kicked the life out of him. Finally, TRE hit a full nelson slam, sending Chris crashing into the chair. Waiting in front of the lever, Dolph Ziggler watched this in amusement while TRE and Davey each grabbed an arm of Chris Tame, strapping him to the electric chair. Dolph Ziggler climbed the cage now, but Christian was rushing towards them. Decapitation Station was just on the verge of winning, but could Christian save his team's tag team championships? Dolph Ziggler was determined not to let that happen. He set one of his feet free to kick Christian in the head, then fell back down with a leg drop bulldog. He scrambled back to his feet as TRe and Davey just finished up strapping Chris to the chair. Just in case, TRE knocked him out with one last punch as Davey signalled for Dolph to get back up the cage. They then backed away from the electric cage, shutting the door and climbing out of the ring. But now it was Sean Masters on his feet, scrambling to get to the lever in time. However, he was just seconds too late. Seemingly the same second sparks shot from the cage containing Chris Tame, Sean Masters powerbombed Dolph off the cage. He suddenly realized it was too late, and, frustrated, ran a hand through his hair, teeth clenched in rage. Decapitation Station backed away from the sparks as the bell rang, this time allowing the cage to raise above the ring.

Ding ding ding!
Here are your winners, and the new Tag Team Champions... Decapitation... Station!

Before doing anything, The Notorious TRE and Davey Richards hauled Dolph Ziggler back to his feet. They then slung each of his arms over their shoulders and carried him over to the ref, who handed them the three belts. Dolph Ziggler barely managed to hold one as TRE and Davey held theirs high in the air, raising Dolph Ziggler and their own arms in victory. However, a song blasting through the speakers interrupted their celebration...

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Decapitation Station (Dolph Ziggler, The Notorious TRE, and Davey Richards) vs. Fortune (Chris Tame, Sean Masters, and Christian)
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