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 Decapitation Station vs. Fortune vs. The Redbusters

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Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Decapitation Station vs. Fortune vs. The Redbusters   Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:59 pm

The following contest is set for one fall and is for the Tag Team Championships... making their way to the ring... at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy pounds... Decapitation... Station!

Kigi Kingston and Phillip Phillips ran down the ramp, each on one side of the ramp and high-fiving the outstretched hands of the cheering crowd. They simultaneously jumped into the ring, then climbed on opposite turnbuckles and performed Decapitation Station's signature taunt by sliding a finger across their throat, with obvious intentions. After jumping off the turnbuckles, they agreed for Phillip to be the first legal man, so Kigi walked out to the ring apron and motivated Phillip as he leaned in their corner.

And their opponents... at a combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds... The Red... Busters!

Daniel Red and Trent Barreta ran down the ramp, each loudly chewing a stick of gum with a grin plastered on their face. They both slid into the ring, then leaned on opposite ropes and raised one arm. They hopped off then turned around to eachother, and decided that Trent would be the legal man before fistbumping and returning to their corners.

And their opponents... at a combined weight of four hundred and nineteen pounds... Fortune!

As Michael McGillicutty and Christian entered, Phillip smirked and whispered something to Kigi while The Redbusters just locked their eyes on their other opponents. The crowd booed as the partner walked down the ramp, just shrugging off their negative reaction. They followed eachother up the steel steps, then each performed their own separate taunt on the top rope. After jumping off, Michael McGillicutty was designated as the legal man, and the ref called for the bell as Christian exited to the ring apron.

Ding ding ding!

The three men stared eachother down. Both having a significant dislike for Fortune, Trent and Phil decided to team up just for now, and take out the second-generation superstar with a Jawbreaker. After that, they hit him with a double leg drop; Phillip to his neck and Trent to his midsection. Finally, they decided they couldn't continue this for the whole match, and Trent and Phillip locked in a collar and elbow. After battling back and forth, Trent finally managed to get in a headlock, then transition over to a front facelock for a snap DDT. Trent quickly took the chance while both opponents were down to cover McGillicutty.

1... kickout!

Trent began to lift McGillicutty up, who quickly nailed him with multiple double axe handles to the gut. After Trent pulled away, McGillicutty tagged in Christian, who came running to Trenton with a clothesline. Christian went for a cover on Phillip, who before even the one count pulled over Christian and rolled him up in a small package.

1... 2... kickout!

Phillip stomped on Christian, then locked him in a headlock and pulled him over to his corner. He slapped Kigi's hand, but kept the headlock in tight. Instead of entering the ring, Kigi climbed up to the top rope while Philliard lifted Christian up in a bearhug. Kigi hit a crossbody, then pinned him as Phil quickly dropped Christian then went back out to the apron.

1... 2... kickout!

While Kigi and Phil were distracted with taking out Christian, Trent finally tagged in Daniel Red, who knocked down Kigi with a Pele kick before following suit and pinning Christian again.

1... 2... kickout!

Christian began to desperately crawl towards the ropes to tag in McGillicutty, but Daniel noticed this and grabbed him by the leg, then rolled over and transitioned into a single-leg Boston crab. He had the hold locked in tight, but McGillicutty quickly entered the ring and broke it up with a powerful stomp. The referee began to lecture him, so McGillicutty returned to the apron. Kigi put out Daniel with a shining wizard, which gave Christian a chance to finally tag in Michael McGillicutty. With the hot tag, McGillicutty clotheslined down Kigi, who rolled out of the ring while Michael repeatedly stomped the wind out of Daniel Red. Michael flexed his muscles, taunting the crowd. He didn't noticed Kigi returning into the ring, with a table... Kigi quickly set up the table before tagging Phillip in, who speared down Michael. Phil moved the table to the corner, then lifted Mike back up and over his shoulders. He pulled Michael back, then... AIR RAID SLAM! RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE! The wind was knocked out of McGillicutty, and Phil wasted no time to go for the cover.

1... 2--

Just barely before three (in fact, it could have very well been a three), Daniel Red managed to break up the pin with an axe handle. Phillip, as frustrated as ever, ran at Red and, with incredible speed, grabbed him by the head then ran up the turnbuckle for a tornado DDT. He walked towards McGillicutty, then turned towards the crowd, breathing heavily in anger. As Phil began to taunt, Michael slowly crawled towards his corner... just as Phillip began to turn around, he just barely slapped the tip of Christian's fingers, who entered the ring as fast as possible and nailed Phillip down with a-- SPEAR! SPEAR! But no, he wasn't done yet. He went back to Daniel, then picked him back up. Red was groggy enough to allow Christian to set up for the Killswitch... and hit it! He decided to cover Daniel Red.

1... 2... 3!

Here are your winner, and the new Tag Team Champions... Fortune!
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Decapitation Station vs. Fortune vs. The Redbusters
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