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 Kigi welcome to your death

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PostSubject: Kigi welcome to your death   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:57 pm

Paul Bearer is seen on the titantron n a dark room with candles

Paul Bearer

WEEEELLLCOOOOMMEE, WELCOME to my funeral parlor. KIGI KINGSTON I want you to take a veeery good look

casket is shown on titantron

Paul Bearer

OOOH YEEES take a good look at the casket prepared just for you, just so beautiful. I'm gonna make you look so good after Hardcore Halloween. I will cover up all the scars, and my Undertaker will stuff you inside the casket that you see before me. There's only one man that can survive inside a casket, and that my friend, is my own Undertaker.

casket opens and undertaker comes out

Paul Bearer



Kigi in 3 weeks at Halloween I will take what is dear to you most, at Halloween I will take your soul and send your rotting carcass to Paul Bearer. In just 3 weeks you will be locked inside this casket and sent to your already dug grave. At Halloween you will join thousands of other souls under my control.

the screen fades

JR: Well that was a very disturbing scene and you almost have to feel sorry for Kigi Kingston at Hardcore Halloween going against this man, this man who has survived many wars, The Undertaker.
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Kigi welcome to your death
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