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 Tag Team News

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Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Tag Team News   Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:08 pm


Phillip Phillips walked out to the ramp with a microphone, wearing his street clothes. He walked down the ramp then up the steel steps. He walked to the middle of the apron, then entered the ring over the top rope. He lifted the microphone then began to speak.

Now, Kevin Nash, the Carnage general manager, scheduled a Tag Team title match for Carnage between Decapitation Station, The Redbusters, and Fortune.

The crowd cheered.

Anyways, I have announcement to make about the match. I recently recieved a text from Kevin Nash acknowledging it...

He pulled out his iPhone, then began to read out loud the message on the screen.

I recently realized the triple threat Tag Team title match for Carnage between Decapitation Station, Fortune, and The Redbusters consists of two large stables competing. Though only two members from each stable will be in the match, I have decided to make this fair: if one of the stables wins the championships, any two members from the stable will be able to defend it whether they competed in the actual title match or not. All further tag team matches featuring any two or more members of a stable will follow this stipulation.

The crowd cheered, some possibly preferring other members from the stables that weren't competing. Phillip slid the phone back into his pocket, then returned the microphone to an EHDW staff member at ringside as he exited the arena.
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Tag Team News
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