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 Birth of a Hero

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PostSubject: Birth of a Hero   Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:56 pm

(The screen is black and then it quickly fades into clips of The Notorious TRE wrestling back in 2009. It shows him winning his first championship and the final match he wrestled in the promotion that started him. The camera then cuts to clips of The Notorious TRE in 2010 where it shows The Notorious TRE leaving the wrestling ring for good....atleast thats what they thought. Camera cuts into an empty ring with a man in a suit and a pipe in his mouth pacing back and forth looking around. He begins to speak)

The Notorious TRE - Wrestling. The one thing that has always made me happy. The one thing that lets me express myself like no other thing can. The one place where I can hurt my enemies for good and I can basically get away with punishing these souls without facing any consequences. You see, I stepped inside the wrestling game, enthusiastic, ready for anyone and anything. Matter of fact I was so confident in myself I called myself the greatest of all time in my very first wrestling match. You know what that lead to? Lost. I lost my very first wrestling match, then I took it upon myself to decipher my career, understand why I am truly here. And since then I have been going up that mountain and up those ranks reaching to become the greatest of all time. I see these young guns running around these companies with all the potential in the world but they just don't use it, they don't know what they want to do with their career and it is simply sad. I'm glad that I realized what I wanted to do at a early age because now I stand infront of you with over 20 championships that have been around my waist at one point and I have only been in the game 2 years.

Extreme High-Definition Wrestling is filled with these superstars with that cocky attitude, the ones who will quickly drop and be forgotten forever. I may not be the one to knock them down and knock some sense into their heads but I am pretty sure somebody else will eventually come around and do the job that I plan on to do. My motive for EHDW is to become the greatest superstar to walk in this company, I want to become the World-Heavyweight Champion, The Hall of Famer all of those accomplishments. But this is only the first step for me, this is where I announce that I have arrived and I that I am coming with force. These champions that I see are mediocre, if I wanted to I could go out win every single championship here PLUS the tag team championship all by myself. It is simply that easy, but I'm pretty sure I'll have these doubters, these people who think I am nothing but talk but at the end of the day I'll be walking out of EHDW as one of the greatest. This is truly the birth of the hero and you all should be honored that you get to see it. The Notorious TRE has signed on the dotted line and the landscape is about to change.

(The Notorious TRE gives a cold look into the camera and it simply fades to black)
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Birth of a Hero
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