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WWE'13  Empty
PostSubject: WWE'13    WWE'13  EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 8:42 pm

WWE Championship - CM Punk (Face)
United States Championship - Jack Swagger (Heel)
WWE Tag Team Championship - Epico & Primo (Heels)
Divas Champuonship - Lita (Face)

Big Show (Heel)

Brodus Clay (Face)

Chris Jericho (Face)

CM Punk (Face)

Daniel Bryan (Heel)

David Otunga (Heel)

Dolph Ziggler (Heel)

The Great Khali (Face)

Jack Swagger (Heel)

JBL (Heel)

John Cena (Face)

Kane (Face)

Kofi Kingston (Face)

The Miz (Heel)

Primo (Heel)

R-Truth (Face)

Santino Marella

Epico (Heel)

Wade Barrett (Heel)

World Heavyweight Championship - Sheamus (Face)
Intercontinental Championship (White Strap) - Rey Mysterio (Face)
WWE Tag Team Championship - Epico & Primo (Heels)
Woman's Championship - Kharma (Heel)

Alberto Del Rio (Heel)

Christian (Face)

Cody Rhodes (Heel)

Damien Sandow (Heel)

Heath Slater (Heel)

Hunico (Heel)

Justin Gabriel (Face)

Mark Henry (Heel)

Randy Orton (Face)

Rey Mysterio (Face)

Sheamus (Face)

Primo (Heel)

Epico (Heel)

Sin Cara (Face)

Jinder Mahal (Heel)

Ted DiBiase (Face)

Zack Ryder (Face)

I am very picky about my universe i want it to be 100% Realistic so i decided i would go with Current superstars (Except for JBL because hes the wrasslin gawd) So yeah what is going to be yours?
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