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 BreakDown! I

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PostSubject: BreakDown! I   BreakDown! I EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 6:07 pm

BreakDown! I Coollogo_com-308734588

Booker T: Yo dawgs! Welcome to EHDW BreakDown!
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Tonight's show is bound to be great! However, it will be a sad time for some, since it will be EHDW's last show before it's demise.
Booker T: Dat's som' sad shit, nigga.
Jerry "The King Lawler: Yes, but we are beginning to go bankrupt. We have to end this before the owner goes in debt.
Booker T: Well then, let's get this thing started.

With the bell rung and the cage door closed, all 3 men are ready to do what has to be done in order to escape the cage and gain the United States championship. Jesus', Zeke, and Maximillian all eye each other down, before Zeke and Max make the first move by double irish-whipping Jesus' across the ring and catching him on the rebound with a double lariat! Now they clasp hands, and both drop the elbow! As Zeke and Max gloat, Jesus' recovers and trips both men before applying a single-leg boston crab to BOTH MEN! They both manage to flip out of it though, and are returned to a stalemate in the center of the ring!

Zeke ends the stalemate with a surprise kenka kick to Max's chin, and then a knife-edge chop to Jesus' that staggers both men. He slaps Max, irish whips Jesus', then holds max in front of him. Jesus' runs knee first into Max's skull, tripping him and knocking Max loopy. He falls to one knee, and Zeke nails the shining wizard to knock him down the rest of the way. Now Zeke is the first man to try to climb the cage, but he's stopped short by Jesus' who manages to hop onto the top rope and deliver a side russian legsweep that makes the ring shake. This wakes Max up, who tries to open and climb through the cage door. Unfortunately for him though, the door has been chained and locked shut to prevent exactly this sort of situation. He tries to go for the top of the cage, but Jesus' is able to shake the top rope and cause Max to lose his balance! He hops down, and walks straight into an enzuiguri that leaves both men on the mat!

Jesus' is the first one up now, and he heads to the turnbuckle in order to get a good staging area for his escape. He makes it up about half way up the cage before Zeke is able to run up, get onto the top turnbuckle himself, and get Jesus' onto his shoulders. He's standing free now, Jesus' is going... JACKNIFE POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP ROPE! Jesus' clutches his back in pain, and rolls under the bottom rope for cover! Now Zeke is free to climb the cage himself! He turns around, but before he can even grab the steel, he's being held by Max from behind in a waistlock! Max is desperately pulling for a german suplex, but Zeke managed to get a hold of the cage in time. Zeke knocks Max backwards, and dives off the ropes for a lariat. But Max is able to dodge, and Zeke rolls onto the canvas. He stands, ONLY TO MEET A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE JAW! Zeke turns, and now Max finally hits the German! Max clutches his head and rolls to his feet, before going to the cage wall himself. He makes it to the top rope before seeing that Jesus' is on his hands and knees. He drops an elbow onto Jesus' back! All 3 men are down in the ring now!

Zeke is the first man up this time, the elbow drop taking too much out of Max. Instead of going for the escape though, he picks Max up and delivers a stiff suplex in order to make sure he stays down. He tries to do the same for Jesus' who manages to reverse it! He irish whips Zeke across the ring, springboards off the rope on the opposite side, and meets him in the middle with a massive moonsault! Now Zeke is down, and Jesus' goes to the top rope. Instead of climbing out though, he hits the swanton bomb! Zeke's GOTTA be out after that move! Jesus' makes sure that Max is out with a kick to the ribs, and heads to the turnbuckle again. He starts his climb, as Max stirs due to the kick. But Jesus' doesn't see that yet, and is almost to the top! Max climbs fast, faster than Jesus', and meets him on top of the cage! Max... mother of god NO! NO! HE'S gonna, he's gonna... HE HITS THE MILIANARE OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE! THE CANVAS BREAKS, IT SNAPS IN HALF! ALL 3 MEN TUMBLE INTO THE HOLE! THE REFEREES OUTSIDE THE RING HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!

Wait, I see movement.. under the ring... a hand! A hand has popped out! What... IT'S ZEKE NERO! ZEKE NERO IS THE FIRST MAN TO EXIT THE RING! HE HAS WON THE UNITED STATES TITLE! Max is crawling out now, seconds after Zeke! He was so close to winning, but now he tastes defeat! Zeke has won the title! While we replace the ring, we have this video package for what's coming up next!

As the bell rings, Dark Angel gives a hurricanrana to IDM and follows it up with a figure four leglock! IDM TAPS OUT! IDM TAPS OUT! In seconds, Dark Angel is in the lead! Before IDM can even react, Dark Angel irish whips him into the turnbuckle, puts him on the top rope, and hits the Heaven to Hell frankensteiner! He goes for the pin...

1...2... 3!

Mother of god! Dark Angel has just won within the first minute of the match! In 52 seconds, Dark Angel has ended the career of IDM and secured his spot as Hardcore Champion! Unbelievable!

The following contest is a bed of nails deathmatch... to win, you must drop your opponent onto the bed of nails! Introducing first... from Ypsilanti, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds... Cole... Scorpio!

As his theme music hit, Cole Scorpio sauntered to the ring with an empty hand, the first time in a while that he hasn't had the EHDW title to accompany him. He entered the ring, just as the song picked up steam, and performed a sort of taunt to the crowd. He removed his tank top and tossed it out of the ring, then stepped into his corner, eyeing the bed of nails sitting menacingly at ringside.

And his opponent... from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... Cody... Rhodes!

Cody Rhodes walked out to the stage with his jacket on. He pulled down the hood, and grinned, which quickly faded into a serious look. Once he made it to the ramp, he pulled off the jacket and tossed it aside, then continued down, staring at Cole Scorpio as he walked. Before making it to the ring, he glanced at the bed of nails, then climbed the top rope before jumping back down to the apron and entering the ring.

Ding ding ding!

Cody Rhodes fearlessly charged towards Cole Scorpio, looking for a punch. He went to throw his fist, but fell right into Cole's trap (i.e., the Punch Reversal Special). Cole grabbed his fist and twisted it over before nailing a few stiff, open-handed chops to the chest of Rhodes. As Cody writhed in pain, Cole eventually stopped and hit a butterfly suplex.

Booker T: Yo dawg, this match is gon' be brutal. We got a bed o' nails out there, an' somebody's gonna be sleepin' on that by the end of this match, dawg!

As Cody Rhodes slowly began to stir and raise, Cole Scorpio taunted the crowd with a smug grin. He quickly turned around to meet a low blow by Rhodes, who sprung back up and nailed a Russian legsweep. Now Cody began to climb up the top rope.

Booker T: Looka'dat, dawg!
Jerry "The King" Lawler: It looks like somebody's taking flying lessons!

Just as Cody Rhodes leaped off for a moonsault, Cole Scorpio stood up and caught Cody just as he finished the flip, in a tombstone piledriver position. He tossed Cody behind him, with a sort of modified belly-to-belly suplex.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Wow! What an innovative move, and a great counter!

Cole rose to his knees and breathed heavily, then glanced at Rhodes before rolling out of the ring. Carefully maneuvering around the bed of nails, he headed for the apron and pulled out a 2x4 block of wood with nails jetting out of it.

Booker T: What the hell!?
Jerry "The King" Lawler: It looks like Cole has got a bed of nails of his own now!

Cole grinned sadistically as he clutched the less spiky part of the board and took it into the ring with him. Cody slowly rose and turned around, only to meet a cluster of nails right to the face! Cody immediately began to gush blood from multiple points of his face, and he fell to his knees as the blood dripped to his hands. Cole turned around and grinned, raising the board in the air, when suddenly, Cody nailed a low blow from behind. Cole quickly dropped the plank and toppled to his knees. Cody then sprinted up from behind and nailed a bulldog, sending Cole face-first into the board.

Booker T: Awwwwww... shucky, ducky, quack quack! Some payback right there, dawg!

Now both tired, lifeless competitors lay motionless on the canvas, now stained with blood as it excessively dripped from the two's faces. For the longest time, they both appeared to be dead, eyes closed, motionless on the mat, barely breathing. But finally, to the crowd's relief, Cody grabbed onto the bottom rope and slowly worked his way up, pulling himself to his feet with the ropes' assistance. Once he had finally manage to get a hold of himself, he took Cole up with him. He then tossed Cole over the top rope, who desperately grabbed onto it as if it was a battle royal. He hopped off the apron before Cody could do anything, then taunted before Cody finally followed him out of the ring.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: And it looks like the action is moving to the outside!
Booker T: Well dawg, they gotta get to that bed o' nails somehow!

The bloody pair traded punches before Rhodes finally took the upper hand with a dropkick. Cole stumbled back, but managed not to fall. As Cody got back up to his feet, he hauled a dazed Cole over his shoulders and turned towards the bed of nails.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Oh my god! He's got an Alabama slam in mind, and if all goes as planned, Cole will crash and burn into the bed of nails!

Cody Rhodes rebounded back to gain moment, but Cole Scorpio used this to his advantage, slipping out of the hold and using the position to his advantage to lift Rhodes over his shoulders in a powerbomb hold. He turned to the bed of nails, then dropped Cody Rhodes face-first right into it.


As soon as Cody Rhodes hit the bed of nails, all of EHDW's medics rushed out and slowly pulled him out from the nails, many already puncturing his skin. Before the medics could get to him, Cole Scorpio decided to add insult to injury. Some of the blood pouring from his forehead had dripped into his mouth, and he spat it at Cody Rhodes before proudly accepting the EWF Championship from the referee. Bloody and breathing heavily, Cole Scorpio barely managed to raised the title in the air.

Here's your winner, and the new EWF Champion... Cole... Scorpio!
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BreakDown! I
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