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Demolition  Empty
PostSubject: Demolition    Demolition  EmptyFri Dec 23, 2011 8:39 pm

Demolition  Zje5id

Jim Ross: Hello and happy holidays to all you folks in here in the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington– or watching at home– and welcome to EHDW Friday Night Demolition! Jim Ross here, with my partners, Michael Cole and Cole Scorpio.
Michael Cole: Hello, all! Tonight, Sheamus will get to fight the International Champion, Daniel Bryan. If he wins, he will get #1 contendership for the title.
Cole Scorpio: Later, The Dark Angel and IDM will continue to heat their feud in a no-disqualification match... so let's jump straight in with Jacob Wolfe and CM Punk, both debuting in this first match of the show!

Punk and Wolf circled each other around the ring, keeping their eyes locked on their opponent before tying up. Taking control, Punk hit a uranage slam with some huge force, he then proceeded to try ending the match quickly, covering Wolfe.

1... Kickout!

Jim Ross: And an early cover by EHDW's rookie, CM Punk!

While Punk was rising, Wolfe recuperated and challenged Punk for a German suplex. Using his knee, Punk countered it into a side headlock. Punching violently, Wolfe attempted to counter, though failing. Punk went under Wolfe's arm and took him down with a Russian leg sweep. Punk, now, went for the cover again. Suddenly, Wolfe used a small cradle on Punk

1... 2... Kickout!

Punk barely kicked out of the pin attempt, due to how sudden it was. Trading blows as they got up, Punk and Wolf went for another tie-up, this time Wolfe got the upper hand. Striking out with a superkick, Wolfe then ran off the ropes and met a stunned Punk with a spinning wheel cut. Punk used his wrestling instinct to roll out the ring, that would stop Wolfe from covering him. Wolfe then dived out of the ring with a suicide dive. Then power was strong enough to send Punk crashing off the guardrail. The ref began to count.

Michael Cole: And they're taking the action to the outside, now!

1... 2...

Punk and Wolfe had rose by now and where exchanging brawls before Punk whipped Wolfe into the barricade 3...4... Punk walked over to Wolfe to go for another move but Wolfe lashed out his elbow smashing Punk in the kisser.

6... 7...

Jim Ross: One of these men better get back in the ring, fast!
Cole Scorpio: Come on Wolfe! Quit wasting your time and just get back in the damn ring!

Wolfe seemed to not be aware he was being counted out, throwing Punk with a side belly-to-belly.

8... 9...

Wolfe mounted Punk and started a flurry of punches on him...


Michael Cole: It looks like we've got a double countout here!
Cole Scorpio: Just another rookie mistake...

The referee called for the bell but Wolfe kept laying in punches on Punk, who tried to block some of them, eventually Punk used his elbow to block and send Wolfe off. Punk got to his feet and went running and wrapped his arms around Wolfe as officials and security staff tried to separate the men.

Michael Cole: Well, that was a bit of a disappointing match result...
Cole Scorpio: Whatever you say, Cole...
Michael Cole: Well, hopefully this next one will be better.
Jim Ross: Up next, we'll be having Jeff Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... Jeff... Hardy!

The crowd booed as Jeff Hardy came out to the stage, crawling down the ramp. He emerged from the smoke sporting his usual facepaint, though a slightly modified designh this time. . He stared at the ring, thinking about his match and game plan. He breathed deeply in hopes to win the match as he entered the ring, then stared at the ramp, awaiting his opponent's entrance.

And his opponent... from Hollywood, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds... Dolph... Ziggler!

The crowd's booing continued going strong as Dolph Ziggler walked out to the stage with a smug look on his face. Hhe smirked at his pitiful opponent as he walked down the ramp. Once in the ring, he climbed the top rope and raised his arms in victory, stirring more boos, then jumped back in and stared at his opponent as the ref called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Once the bell had sounded, the two paced the ring, staring eachother down, both ready to pounce. Finally, Dolph Ziggler rushed in and locked Jeff Hardy up in a collar-and-elbow tieup. Jeff tried to take the upper hand, but Ziggler pushed him into the corner and began throwing right fists. Eventually, the ref had to pull him away, and Jeff lurched into the corner. He began to walk away, but Dolph sprinted towards him and nailed a dropkick, then went for an early cover.

1... kickout!

A frustrated Ziggler leaped back up to his feet and nailed a huge elbow drop, then rolled out of it and another, and another, and another... he managed to nail about 6 elbow drops before scrambling for another cover.

1... 2... kickout!

Jim Ross: And Dolph Ziggler is dominating this match, but has only managed to snag the two count!

As Dolph Ziggler began to lift Jeff Hardy up, he finally got the upper hand and countered into a low blow. Ziggler fell to his knees, and Jeff rebounded off the ropes to nail a low dropkick. Hardy then turned his back to Ziggler and taunted the crowd. He turned his head back slightly to notice Dolph getting up, then ran up the ropes and rebounded into a Whisper in the Wind. He crawled back to Ziggler, and took his turn at a pin.

1... 2... kickout!

Jeff, now the frustrated one, stood up and began to run his hands through his hair and taunt in a Dolph Ziggler-fashion.

Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy has finally taken over in this match, but what's he doing now?

Dolph Ziggler fell right into Hardy's trap and slowly stood up, and... Zig-Zag!

Jim Ross: Oh my god, Jeff Hardy just stole Dolph Ziggler's finishing maneuver!

Jeff Hardy began to taunt the crowd, when all of the sudden all the lights in the arena went out. Nothing could be seen with all the darkness. Everyone was in a confusion, wondering what was happening, until a man in a glowing white hoodie and tights enter the arena; he was the only thing that could be seen. The unknown man stopped at the stage, and the crowd watched as pyrotechnics exploded for 10 seconds then stopped. Suddenly, the lights went on again to reveal a blond man, who had now took off his hoodie.


The man walked slowly to the ring as Jeff Hardy stared at him in a confusion.

Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome, the newest Demolition talent... from Saints, Stillwater, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... A... J; Alex... Jester!

What do you want? You have no business being here.

Alex Jester ran towards the ring and slid in. Hardy went for the clothesline but Alex dodged. Hardy turned around, and... Flip Bottom! Alex quickly climbed the turnbuckle and did his taunt. The crowd cheered as Alex climbed down the turnbuckle and exited the arena.

Jim Ross: By god, what the hell just happened?
Michael Cole: Weren't you paying any attention to Fink just then? Alex Jester just debuted here in EHDW!

A stunned Dolph Ziggler now stared at Jeff Hardy, wondering what the hell just happened, but took the opportunity and fell over him for the pin.

1... 2... 3!

Here's your winner... Dolph... Ziggler!

Michael Cole: What a shocking and impactful debut by Alex Jester!
Jim Ross: It looks like this kid has a future!
Cole Scorpio: Well, it's time for our main event now.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... he is the Hardcore Champion... The Dark... Angel!

Dark Angel walked out to a dim arena, like all ways. He was carrying the Hardcore Championship by its strap in one hand, and in the other, a barbed wire wrapped chair. He was ignoring the mixed favour of the crowd due to being focused and angry at his opponent, IDM. He slid into the ring and instantly raised both the championship and the chair, then giving the referee the championship and dropping the chair out of the ring.

And his partner... from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds... I... D... M!

IDM, walked down the ramp, screaming something as he walked down, also disregarding the fans. He climbed in the ring and went straight for Dark Angel, taking him down with
a flurry if punches not even before the bell could ring.

Ding ding ding!

IDM seemed to not stop, lefts and rights, flurrying all over the mask of the Dark Angel until Angel used his wrists to block some of the fists and then head butted IDM away. Dark Angel stumbled up and flung out his leg, kicking IDM in the chest, causing him to bend over.

Jim Ross: And the two men quickly kick off this match with a back-and-forth battle of punches and kicks!

Dark Angel grabbed him and swung round for a swinging neckbreaker. Dark Angel looked at the fans whilst he stood back up, and raised his hand. IDM had recuperated and took advantage of DA's playing to the crowd, hitting a back suplex to ground the Dark Angel.

Michael Cole: Look at that! Can you believe that? Way to add insult to injury, using The Dark Angel's distraction to his advantage!
Cole Scorpio: Well, sometimes it takes desperate measures to get the win.

IDM was fired up, and walked around the ring, taunting Dark Angel for him to get up. DA was on all fours and DM didn't want to wait anymore, so he grabbed DA and attempted to take him up for an Olympic slam. Moving backwards in mid-air, Dark Angel reversed out of it, And hit a swift reverse DDT.

Jim Ross: Oh my god! The Olympic Slam! IDM is gonna finish this!
Michael Cole: No, The Dark Angel reversed it!
Jim Ross: By god, what a counter!

Slipping out of the ring, DA searched under the ring for something. He threw out a trashcan that rebounded off the guardrail, but a trashcan wasn't the weapon Dark Angel chose, instead sliding out a table. Out of nowhere, IDM came flying at him with a clothesline, knocking the Dark Angel flat into the ground. IDM picked up the trashcan and threw it off the grounded Angel, then proceeded to lock in the ankle lock.

Cole Scorpio: The Dark Angel's looking for a weapon now... just the way I like it.
Jim Ross: No, IDM just won't allow it! And– BY GOD AN ANKLE LOCK!

Dark Angel screamed in pain as he scrambled to find something that could help him get out of it. Eventually Dark Angel grabbed on to the guardrail and propped into a roll through, breaking the ankle lock. Angel slammed IDM's head off the steel steps then ran up them. Angel leaped off for a diving leg lariat, however, IDM caught him in a powerbomb like position and let go of him for a release powerbomb. Dark Angel landed hard on the ground, his head bouncing off the ground.

Michael Cole: What a match! You wouldn't think it, but both of these men are technically sound in the ring!
Jim Ross: Yes, what a stipulation this is turning out to be!
Cole Scorpio: Needs more blood...

IDM noticed the barbed wire chair that Dark Angel had with him when he entered, and he grabbed hold of it whilst he entered the ring. Dark Angel slowly slid into the ring and was instantly met with a barbed wire chair shot to the face, which rippedthe bottom part of his mask, for the first time revealing any part of his face, his mouth.

Jim Ross: Oh my god! There goes his mask!
Cole Scorpio: The Dark Angel better be careful, now, or all of that's coming off!

IDM raised his arms, taunting the crowd, getting loads of heat. IDM dragged Dark Angel up, away to set up a move but Dark Angel flailed his arms to block IDM and then put him in a three quarter facelock, powering IDM over him with a snapmare. IDM rebounded to a sitting position and Angel sprinted off the ropes and hit a running dropkick. When Angel got up he let out a massive primate-like scream and, taking the barbed wire chair he ripped off the barbed wire that was wrapped around it and instead, wrapped it round his fist.

Jim Ross: By god! He's got the barbed wire!

For the first time in EHDW, the fans could see an expression of the Dark Angel. He had a deranged smile as he waited for IDM to get to his feet. Like lightning when IDM got to his feet he lashed out a thunderous Superkick, knocking the Dark Angel to the ground. IDM went for the cover.

1... 2... 3!

Here's your winner... I... D... M!
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