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 He Goes by Michael McGillicutty because he's not Perfect...

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PostSubject: He Goes by Michael McGillicutty because he's not Perfect...   Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:00 pm

Trent Barreta walked out stage, looking disappointed. As always, he was chewing a stick of gum loudly with his mouth open as he chomped down on it, and he was holding a microphone. The crowd cheered as he walked down the ramp and climbed up to the ring apron then entered the ring. He stared at the crowd for a moment, pondering his word choice, then began to speak.

Well guys, the other day, Michael McGillicutty ruthlessly attacked me after an innocent promo. To add insult to injury, he claimed I'm a "boring loser of a wrestler".

He shrugged and shook his head in pity as the crowd booed McGillicutty's comment.

Michael also claimed I have no charisma. Well guess what, Michael. You, the one with the mic skills of a rock, really shouldn't be talking.

The crowd laughed, and Trent Barreta smirked.

Oh, and you think I'm trying to win over "your fans", too.

Trent chuckled just at the thought of it, then continued.

"Your fans"!? What fans!? Let's face it Mike, everybody hates you.

Trent smirked as the crowd started "MICHAEL SUCKS" chants.

You see, Michael McGillicutty, there's a reason you don't wrestle as Joe Hennig. The reason? You aren't talented enough to be a Hennig, and you're a disgrace to your father.

Trent frowned, then tossed the microphone out of the ring and walked up the ramp, exiting the arena.

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He Goes by Michael McGillicutty because he's not Perfect...
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