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 Season's Beatings I

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Season's Beatings I Empty
PostSubject: Season's Beatings I   Season's Beatings I EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 8:07 pm

Season's Beatings I 1exqwy

Booker T: Awww, shucky-ducky quack quack... wassup, dawgs? It's time fo' EHDW Season's Beatings, dawg, and tonight's show is gonna be great.
Jerry "The King" Lawler: That's right, Booker. For those of you here in Tokyo, Japan– or watching at home– we've got a great show in store for you tonight.
Booker T: Well then, dawg, let's get straight to it!
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Starting us off tonight will be the Nexus vs. Fortune, two of the company's biggest stables competing for bragging rights in an eight-man elimination tag match.


Ziggler and Rhodes start this match,Ziggler turns his back and starts taunting the crowd but Cody Rhodes capitalizes on this and he connects the CROSS RHODES!!!!!!

Cody goes for the cover...........1.........2........3!!!!Ziggler has been eliminated!!!

Nexus look dissapointed as Ziggler didnt even last a minute in the match.

James Storm wants to enter the match and Rhodes tags him in.

Leon Young now enters the ring to face James Storm,And as soon as Leon enters the ring he hits Storm with a big boot!!!!Now Leon wants to set up for the Spear and it connects!!!!!But Leon isnt done he wants to end James career and he does the F5!!!!Leon now goes for the cover....

1......2............3!!!!!James Storm is out!!!

And here comes the EWF champion Sean Masters!!!!He starts punching and kicking Leon but Leon grabs the ropes.....Sean runs toward Leon and connects with a bulldog!!!!!

Leon gets up he tries to connect with a clothesline Sean Masters dodges and he connects with the Eliminator!!!!!!He goes for the cover....

1........2........3!!!!!Unbeliaveble Leon is out!!!!!

And now the Nexus only have 2 men left.

And the Nexus leader Wade Barrett gets into the ring but Sean Master tries to hit the Eliminator but Barrett grabs him,he has him in position,WASTELAND!!!!!!

1........2.......3!!!!!Sean Masters is out and now Christian enters the ring.

Both captians face each other......and Barrett connects with a right hand....Christian punches Barrett......Barrett punches Christian........Now Christian starts punching Barrett and he slaps Barrett!!!!!Christian rebounds on the ropes but Barrett recieves him with a big boot right into the face.....Barrett wants to go for the Wasteland and he grabs Christian but Christian gets out of it and a SPEAR!!!!!!CHRISTIAN GOES FOR THE COVER!!!!!

1........2.........AND BARRETT KICKSOUT!!!!

Christian cant beliebe this and now he tags Rhodes and Barrett tags Nero and Cody Rhodes tries to go for the beatiful disaster but Zeke dodges him and connects with the Nitak Hashi!!!!!He goes for the cover

1......2.............3!!!!Rhodes is done and Christian is now alone

But Zeke turns around and Christian from out of nowhere with a SPEAR!!!!!!

1........2.........3!!!!!Christian eliminates Zeke

And Barrett irish-whips Christian into the turnbuckle he tries to do a clothesline but Christian counters into the Pele kick!!!!!And Christian now tries to go for the killswitch but Cody Rhodes enters the ring and he has a steel chair and he hits Chrisrtian in the head with it but the ref wasnt seeing!!!!!Barrett capitalizes on this and he connects with the Wasteland!!!!!

1.......2...........3!!!!!!NEXUS WIN,NEXUS WIN!!!!


King:And I know exactly why Cody betrayed Christian,its because he has a match with him fot the InterNational championship!!!!

Booker T:And that match is next DAWG!!!!

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Well, it looks like the Nexus rose victorious in that stipulation.
Booker T: Yeah dawg, that really says a lot about that stable.
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Well, it's time for our next match now.

Booker T:What a match that was but in the end Christian retains his International championship

King:And what is this?Christian is asking for a mic.

You see...........I told you that Cody Rhodes was nothing compared to me........I told you that I was going to retain the International championship..........And I did it.........but........there´s always a but....This company treats me like shit........I should be the EHDW champion!!!!!!.......I should be a main eventer!!!!!....But they dont want to.....because they are afraid that I will win all the championships.....with that said I´m leaving EHDW to go to another company in the one they actually aprecciate me.......and I´m leaving with the International championship.

King:WHAT?!Christian cant do that!!!!


*Jeff Jarrett comes out with a mic*

Jeff Jarrett
Christian wait!!!!......You will be able to leave with the International championship under one condition.......You need to beat the man that you will be facing......RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

King:BUT THIS WILL BE CHRISTIAN´s 3rd MATCH!!!!!! I´m not sure if he can win this one.

*Suddenly the lights went out as the crowd waited for the mysterious man that was going to face Christian*


King:Oh my!!!Daniel Bryan has oficially joined EHDW!!!!,And Christian cant believe it,if he wants to retain his International championship he has to defeat a very fresh Daniel Bryan!!!!

Justin Roberts:The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!


The match starts and Christian has no time to recover,As soon as the ref rings the bell Bryan starts kicking Christian´s leg,Christian then gets to the ropes.....and he slaps Bryan!!!!!Christian runs toward Bryan and Bryan catches him he´s about to lock in the LeBell lock!!!!!..........And Christian gets the ropes before Bryan could lock in the LeBell lock,and Christian gets out of the ring and it looks like he wants to get counted out,Bryan follows him as the ref starts the count.....1......2.......3.......4.......And Bryan grabs Christian and he irish whips him into the steel post!!!!........5...6........7.....And Bryan gets Christian into the ring......Bryan enters the ring too but Christian from out of nowhere SPEAR!!!!SPEAR!!!!!,AND CHRISTIAN QUICKLY GOES FOR THE COVER!!!!!!


And Christian cant beliebe this.....Christian starts taunting he wants to set Bryan up for the Killswitch and it looks like Christian is about to hit it but Bryan counters with a roundhouse kick!!!!!And now Bryan starts kicking Christian in the chest.....1 kick.....2 kicks......3 kicks....4 kicks.....And Bryan now with a kick to the face of Christian!!!!Bryan goes for the cover...


Bryan now tries to get Christian up....BUT CHRISTIAN CONNECTS WITH A LOW BLOW!!!!But the ref didnt see it,and now Chritian goes to the corner and he´s looking for it!!!!Christian wants to connect with another spear.......Christian runs toward Bryan ....BUT BRYAN COUNTERS LEBELL LOCK AGAIN!!!!WILL BRYAN LOCK IT.......AND HE DOES IT LEBELL LOCK LOCKED IN!!!!!!THERE´S NOWHERE TO RUN FOR CHRISTIAN NOW HE NEEDS TO TAP BUT HE DOESNT WANT TO!!!!!.......AND THATS IT CHRISTIAN CANT HOLD IT ANY LONGER!!!!!!CHRISTIAN TAPS!!!!!!!



King:And Daniel Bryan does it!!!!!Daniel Bryan saves the Internatonal championship!!!!!


*Daniel Bryan celebrates while Christian lays on the floor knocked out......*

Booker T: Yo, dawg, that was a shocking debut.
Jerry "The King" Lawler: I agree. Just goes to show how unpredictable the wrestling business is.
Booker T: Well, let's jump straight to our next match.

Howard Finkel: Introducing first. The Challenger, weighing in at Two Hundred and Thirty-Two Pounds, I.....D.....M!

IDM raised his hand, pointing to the noose he holds in his raised hand

Jerry Lawler: This could be the last we see of either of these competitors for a long, long time. Both of these men are willing to tear each other limb from limb!

Booker T: Especially IDM. He has that noose in his hand. If he gets that around the Dark Angel's neck, goodnight!

Ding Ding Ding

Lawler: Hero we go! Submissions are legal anywhere in this building! This match will take everything out of both these men!

Dark Angel begins ion the offensive, attempting to stop IDM slipping the noose around his neck. IDM Irish Whips Dark Angel and floors him with a Biig Boot. After looking at his noose, IDM rejects it and grabs a Kendo Stick from under the ring. This gives Angel enough time to dodge the strike and dropkick IDM out of the ring. Angel then performs a Barrell Roll, connecting with IDM, taking them both out.

Lawler: Angel's pumped up for this one! There's no way he's gonna let IDM take the Hardcore title from him.

Angel attempts to lock in the Figure Four, but IDM reverses, pushing him into the barricades and begins to stagger up the ramp. Angel catches up to him, but is tripped into the MiniTron! IDM then proceeds to escape through the curtain!

Lawler: Look at IDM running away like a coward. Grow some balls and fight like a real man, you coward!

Booker T: Calm down, King. IDM has a plan. My main man, the Dark Angel's gonna have to watch his back.

IDM staggers around backstage and hides behind a large crate, with a Lead Pipe in his hand, waiting for Angel. Upon hearing footsteps, IDM knocks out a technician, mistaking him for Angel. This gives Angel enough time to sneak up behind IDM, slam his head into the crate and kick him in the skull. Angel then climbs the Crate and topples it, unaware that IDM has moved. Before Angel realises this, IDM sneaks up behind him and drags him toward a ladder!

Lawler: Oh no! No! IDM's gonna kil The Dark Angel! He's gonna throw him off the 'Tron

Booker T: Great work by IDM. He's been one step ahead this whole match!

Lawler: Who's side are you on?

Booker T: The Dark Angel's! You gotta admire IDM's strategy though...

Lawler: If I admired a man trying to KILL his opponent, I'd REALLY admire IDM's strategy!

IDM drags a groggy Dark Angel onto the top of the TitanTron, with the noose now tied around Angel's neck. Then, IDM rolled Angel over the edge of the TitanTron, holding him like a hangman!

Lawler: No! Not like this! He's gonna kill him!

Booker T: Clam down, dawg! Look at Angel's legs

Dark Angel manages to fix his legs onto a a ladder beside the TitanTron and unhooks the noose. Dark Angel then pulls the noose, dragging IDM off the TitanTron, through the stage below.

Lawler: Oh my! IDM just went through the stage! Hey, IDM, karma's a bitch!

Dzrk Angel climbs down the ladder and intends to finish the match, when he is stopped by a referee, who advises him to go to ringside. The referee then calls for the match to end as medics surround the hole in the stage

Ding Ding Ding

Howard Finkel: Here is your winner and still the Hardcore Champion! THE DARK ANGEL!

A confused and pained Dark Angel holds his title aloft inside the ring.

The following contest is a Three Stages of Hell match! For the first contest, the only way to win is to make your opponent bleed! Introducing first... from St. Louis, Missourri, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... he is the EHDW Champion... Randy... Orton!

The crowd erupted in cheers when Randy Orton entered the arena and began to walk down the ramp, EHDW Championship slung over his shoulder. He glanced at the centerpiece, then concentrated on the ring as he walked down the ramp. He briefly stopped in front of the ring and stared off into space, then headed towards the ramp. He pulled off the belt, then stopped on the apron before entering the ring. He climbed the turnbuckle and raised the belt, then jumped off and handed it to the referee as his opponent began to enter.

And his opponent... from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... he is the general manager of Demolition... Jeff... Jarrett!

Multicolored flames began to shoot out diagonally from both sides of the stage as Jeff Jarrett walked out. In his hand was an acoustic guitar, though a fairly cheap one at that. He walked down the ramp as more pyros and smoke began to shoot up from the ramp, then stopped in the middle and raised his arms and guitar in air, sending a flurry of sparks out from each side of the ramp, then a cloud of smoke behind him. All kinds of pyros and smoke continued to burst behind him as he continued down the ramp, guitar still raised high in the air. Finally, he leaned the guitar against the ramp and entered the ring.

Before the referee signalled for the sound of the bell, he took the EHDW Championship and showed it to both competitors. First, he reminded Randy Orton what he was putting on the line, then gave Jeff Jarrett an eyeful of what he was competing for. Once both opponents had seen the belt, he raised it high in the air and called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

The EHDW Champion and the co-CEO paced the ring, staring eachother down attentively, arms outstretched defensively to prepare for any sudden attack. Eventually, it was Randy Orton who made the first move, slowly advancing forward then locking up with Jeff Jarrett in a collar and elbow tieup. Randy used this position to push Jarrett into the turnbuckle then propped himself up on the bottom rope, throwing down fists onto the skull of Jarrett until the ref pulled him away. However, before this occurrence, Randy tried to fit in as many blows as he could. After all, this was a first blood match, and he knew all to well that the head was the easiest to bust open, if worked away at enough.

Booker T: Look'a 'dat, dawg, Orton's really gettin' the uppa' hand in this match.

While Jarrett was down, Orton rolled out of the ring . and headed straight for the apron. He flipped up the skirt and buried his upper body under the ring, rooting around for something to use to his advantage in the no-DQ stipulation. Eventually, he selected a classic; the steel chair, and took it into the ring with him. As Jeff Jarrett slowly rose, Orton stood at the ready, chair in hand, ready to swing. Once JJ had finally stood up, Orton pitched the chair right towards Jarrett's head. However, Jeff dodged it and hit a dropkick from behind, causing Orton to fall and faceplant the jair.

Booker T: Whut da' hell? Orton just fell into his own trap, dawg!
Jerry "The King" Lawler: It looks like Jeff Jarrett is finally trying to get over in this match.

Jeff Jarrett taunted the crowd, then wrapped a chair around Orton's leg, locking in a modified Figure-four Leglock. Orton screamed in pain as Jeff applied more pressure to the hold. There was really no way to escape the pain; submissions were not counted in the first blood stipulation, so tapping wouldn't help him.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Jeff Jarrett must be in a world of pain right now!
Booker T: Awwwww... shucky-ducky quack quack! Looka' 'dat, dawg!

Despite this, Randy Orton hit the canvas out of instict, over and over again. Jeff Jarrett continued to put pressure on the submission, however, so the ref decided to pull him away. By now, however, Orton's leg could very well have been broken. He clutched it in pain and massaged the sore muscle as Jarrett taunted the crowd, then slipped through the ropes to ringside. He buried himself under the canvas, searching for another object to use to his advantage. Finally, he pulled out his signature weapon, a guitar.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: And Jeff Jarrett's got his signature foreign object, the acoustic guitar!
Booker T: Foreign object? I'm almost sure that's made in the USA, nigga'!

Jeff Jarrett grinned sadistically as he re-entered the ring, guitar in hand. He set it down briefly to lift Orton up, who's leg repeatedly gave in. Finally Jarrett prepared to bash the instrument over Orton's head. However, "The Viper" hit Jarrett with a kick to the midsection, then began to climb the turnbuckle as he was stunned. Then, Orton leaped off, driving the guitar right into the face of the Demolition GM with a missle dropkick.

Booker T: AWWW! SHUCKY, DUCKY, QUACK, QUACK! Would ya' looka' that, King! Randy Orton just used Jeff's own weapon to his advantage! Man, Jeff's gonna be pissed, dawg.

Randy Orton, still grounded— as well as Jarrett— crawled over to the chair which was earlier used to torture him. He wrapped it around Jarrett's neck, then pounded right onto the chair, not only closing the folding steel chair over Jarrett's neck but performing his signature taunt in the process. The chair slid off of Jarrett's head as he writhed in pain; meanwhile, Orton continued to taunt for the RKO. After a minute or so, Jarrett slowly began to stir, raising to his knees first. Randy Orton got up to his feet now, flailing his limbs and torso wildly around; taunting some more to distract himself from his impatience. Finally, Jarrett stumbled to his feet, swaying groggily. Orton took the opportunity quickly, leaping up and nailing an RKO that drove Jarrett's face right into the steel chair. He rolled over from the impact, which revealed a quickly expanding gash that had formed on his forehead. Blood rapidly seeped out of it as the next match was prepared for.

Ding ding ding!
And the winner of the first match... Randy... Orton!
The next and second stipulation will be a tables match... the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table!

Despite the next match just beginning, both men were already practically passed out. Each lay motionless, limbs spread out across the blood-stained mat. Jeff Jarrett, being the loser of the first stipulation, now sported a crimson mask. The blood from his gash seeped out and poured off of his face, causing the canvas surrounding his head to turn a deep reddish shade. Randy Orton, on the other hand, appeared to be in just as much pain, despite not displaying blood, dissimilar to Jarrett.

Booker T: This has been a brutal match so far, dawg. Orton won the first match, but there's still two more to go.
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Yeah, and I can't even imagine how much pain they'll be in by the time this one's over.
Booker T: Well dawg, they ain't call it "Three Stages of Hell" for nothin'.

For the first few minutes of the match, nothing happened but the ref frequently checking on the two's conditions. Finally, Randy Orton became the first to stir. However, he was still too weak to get up, so simply rolled out of the ring. He briefly leaned against the apron, then kicked up the legs of a table at ringside. He slid it into the ring, then lifelessly followed it in. As he set it up against the turnbuckle, he turned around to meet a gut kick by Jarrett before a quick double underhook facebuster. Jeff toppled back to the ground, and slowly rolled out of the ring as Orton began to feel the effects of the move.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: These next couple matches are going to be very tough with the condition these two men are in!

Jeff Jarrett now took a table of his own, and carried it into the ring with him. This one, however, he simply set up (as opposed to leaning it in the corner). He began to lit Orton up, but he quickly countered with a punch to the gut. They began trading blows, now, until Jeff hit an enzuigiri. He tried to wipe the blood off of his face, then spat some of it out of his mouth as he paced the ring, pondering his next move. Then, a suspicious grin formed on his face. As Orton began to arouse, Jeff Jarrett began to strut towards him with his signature taunt.

Booker T: Uh-oh, Jeff Jarrett's got something on his mind, dawg!

As Randy Orton got up, Jeff Jarrett grabbed his arm from behind and dragged him in front of the table before falling forward and hitting a quick Stroke, which not only broke the table but drove Orton face-first into the turnbuckle.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Well that second match went by certainly a lot faster than I had expected!
Booker T: Yeah dawg, Jeff Jarrett want'd t' get 'dat thing ova' with fast.

Now Randy Orton was bleeding as well as the ref prepared for the final match.

Ding ding ding!
And the winner of the second match... Jeff... Jarrett!
The third and final stipulation will be an extreme rules match, and is scheduled for one fall!

Jeff Jarrett breathed heavily as he barely heaved himself back up to his feet with the help of the ropes. Blood flowed down the faces of both men at a rapidly increasing pace, and the ring canvas was covered in it. The final match would have no special stipulation; the only way to win was to simply pin your opponent. However, it was still practically guaranteed to be as brutal as the others, with the no-DQ rule. Despite a table already prepared in the ring, Jeff headed out in search of something else to use. It seemed he couldn't make up his mind; eventually throwing a trash can, steel chair, and kendo stick into the ring before re-entered.

Booker T: Awww, shucky ducky quack quack... looka' all those weapons, dawg.

Jeff Jarrett taunted once again, then lifted Randy Orton up. He kicked him in the gut, then rebounded off the ropes and swung around for a neckbreaker. While Orton was down, Jeff took the chair and wedged it between the top and second ropes in the corner. He then lifted Orton back up by the arm, tossing him into the chair with an irish whip immediately after. The chair slipped out from it's crevice between the ropes, and Orton rebounded from the turnbuckle; though quickly fell back into it.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Ouch!

Jeff Jarrett grinned sadistically all as he did this. With the position Randy Orton was in in the match, Jeff's win seemed almost guaranteed. Continuing to beat Orton, he lifted him up to the top rope and followed him up, standing on the second. He locked "The Viper" in a front facelock then slung his arm over his shoulder as he climbed up to the top rope, now, then fell back. He nailed Orton with a superplex that dropped him right on the trash can, compressing it together under his weight.

Booker T: Man, Orton's in trouble now, dawg. If he doesn't get his head back in th' game right here, it could cost him the EHDW title, dawg.

As Randy Orton writhed in pain, "Double J" rolled out of the ring once again, and got his signature weapon; the acoustic guitar. He strummed a few chords on it, grinning, as he carried it into the ring with him. He held it high above his head, prepared to strike when Orton stood up. Just as Orton was beginning to stir, a suspiciously familiar song blasted through the arena as a video accompanied it on the titantron.

Sure enough, it was Kevin Nash that walked out to the song, in his Diesel attire; which he accompanied with a bottle of the gasoline itself. Jeff Jarrett, guitar still in hand, stared in shock and awe at the man who's job he took (and became more successful with). Kevin walked down the ramp, staring intently at Jarrett with rage burning in his eyes. Jarrett was frozen in fear as Kevin entered the ring. Finally, Jeff managed to react to the situation and took a swing with the guitar.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Oh my god! Kevin Nash has returned!

Kevin Nash, without effort, snatched the guitar right out of Jeff Jarrett's hands and, in turn, bashed it over his head. As Jeff stumbled away, Kevin opened up the bottle of diesel and poured the gasoline all over the table, which was already set up. After tossing the empty bottle out of the ring, he pulled a lighter out of his pocket and flicked the top open, creating a small flame which he held to the diesel-soaked table. It burst into flames, and Nash grinned sadistically as he headed over towards Jarrett. He dragged him in front of the table, then pulled him up and shoved his head between his legs. Kevin then pulled Jarrett over his head and dropped him off, nailing a Jacknife that put him right through the ignited table.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Oh my god!

Kevin Nash then dragged Randy Orton over to Jeff Jarrett, sprawled out motionlessly over the singed remains of the table, then dragged him over him. The ref began to count the pin.

1... 2... 3!

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner, and still the EHDW Champion... Randy... Orton!

Despite the win, Randy Orton remained laying motionlessly over Jeff Jarrett. Kevin Nash grinned as he pulled Orton back up by the arm and raised it in the air. Orton stumbled groggily as the referee handed him the title.

Booker T: Yo, dawg, that match's gonna go down in history, for sure.
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Season's Beatings I
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