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 Welcome to EHDW!

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Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

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Welcome to EHDW! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to EHDW!   Welcome to EHDW! EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 5:50 pm

Welcome to Extreme High-Definition Wrestling, a wrestling e-fed created after Extreme Wrestling Federation and High-Definition Wrestling merged.

I would recommend checking the Announcements section every so often, and reading all stickied threads.
To join, you must first (of course) make an account, then post a contract in the 'Contracts' using the contract template. However, you must have your contract accepted my me first before you will be put in any matches. You may sign up as a maximum of three different wrestlers, but you have to make a separate account for each.

If you've never been in an e-fed before, that's okay.
Here's how things are done:

You will be writing your own matches. In other words, I will post a topic announcing the entrance of one of the opponents. They will post the entrance, then I will announce the other person and they will enter. After that, I will ring the bell, and the two will post back and forth, each doing a reasonable amount of move per post. For example:

Quote :
Person 1: Person 1 hauled Person 2 over his shoulders and nailed a devastating fireman's carry slam. Person 2 writhed in pain as Person 1 pulled him back up to his feet and irish whipped him into the corner, then came running back.
Person 2: Person 1 began to charge towards the turnbuckle, but Person 2 slid out of the way just in time, sending Person 1 crashing into the corner. Person 2 quickly came up from behind, then nailed a devastating bridging German suplex. 1... 2... kickout!

And so on. Make sure to keep it as realistic as possible. Think about the match and how it would look in real life, then put that into words. Regulate the length depending on the importance of the match. For example, if it's the opening match to a B-show, it shouldn't be super excessive. But if it's a main event world title match at a PPV, it should go on pretty long.

If you have a match, you will need to RP, or promo; this affects whether you win or lose. You may RP a maximum of three times per match. In your RP, I would recommend talking about the match that you're going to have on the upcoming show, the match you had next week, or all of the above, as long as it's relevant. You can also use RPs to build your character, or start a rivalry/alliance with another wreslter. To do this, either write "(TBC by so-and-so)" at the end of your promo, or say something to indicate that you wish for them to reply.

The best way to make a good promo is, first of all, (of course), talk about something relevant, as I said earlier; whether it's your upcoming match, your match last week, or sparking a relationship with another wrestler, make sure the topic is relevant to the fed. Also, try to use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your abilities. Another good feature (though not required) is to color-code your text. I would prefer it if you made the person speaking's name capitalized and a different color than the text, so I can tell who's speaking and where the dialogue is. Here's an example:

Quote :
Tonight on Carnage, I'll be defending my Light Heavyweight Championship for the second time.

He didn't look the least bit concerned, a huge grin seemingly permanently plastered to his face.

But no need to worry. I scaled a 15something-foot tall steel cage to win this. Last week on Hardcore Halloween, I retained the title, firing Michael Cole in the process. Come on, let's face it: I can't be beat.

The crowd cheered, and Trent smirked.

Also, if someone else is talking in your promo, color-code their text, too (so it's easier to differentiate from your speaking), like so:

Quote :
The camera zoomed into a small room backstage, where Damon Moore was sitting on a lounge chair. Across from him was Phillip Phillips.

Hello, SWE viewers. Damon Moore here, and I managed to get one of the six members of our Sadistic Six match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Phillip Phillips, to take some time out of his busy day to be interviewed!

The camera zoomed into Phillip.

Thanks for having me, Damon. It's a pleasure.

If you follow all these steps, you are almost guaranteed to become a main-eventer or even a champion. If not, you will become a jobber and eventually have very little matches, or, if you're inactive enough, fired. Make sure to keep this in mind if you're constantly losing or find that you're account has been deleted.


  • Swearing is allowed.
  • Although you can 'barge in' (for lack of a better word) on someone's promo by attacking someone, please don't do this for every person's promo. Once in a while is fine, but if you're gonna get involved in a promo, at least say/do something relevant once in a while.
  • When making an account, make your username the name of the wrestler you are signing up as. You must sign up as a CAW, or original created wrestler.
  • This is an English fed. Please use English, unless it has something to do with your wrestler's gimmick (as long as you don't put everything in that specific language). It doesn't take that much effort to translate what you want to say.
  • Like real wrestling, make sure to keep in kayfabe. Make sure not to mention in promos and such that this is an e-fed and all the matches, storylines, feuds, etc. are scripted.
  • You may only change your pic base a maximum of 4 times.
  • No shitting in the ring allowed during promos (or really anywhere, for that matter).
  • Most importantly, have fun. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
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Welcome to EHDW!
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