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PostSubject: Carnage    Carnage  EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 6:19 pm

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Tazz: Hello folks and welcome to Tuesday night Carnage!
Joey Styles: We're live from Brussels, Belgium, and lemme tell you guys, you're in for a treat!
Tazz: That's right. Tonight, we're having a "SuperShow" of sorts. Men from both shows will be competing tonight!
Joey Styles: Well then, let's get this started!
Tazz: Starting us off tonight will be IDM and The Dark Angel...

*Dark Angel walks out to a dimly lit arena and starts speaking*
"When I first came to EHDW, I said I would pick apart the roster one by one. Well 'IDM', tonight I will start properly, with you"
*He fidgeted around a bit, then continued*
" I will kick you in the face viciously, I will send you from heaven to hell, and most importantly, make you tap out like the barren lowlife that you are. You will scream for help whilst you are locked in the figure 4, you will beg for mercy, mercy you shall not retain."

*He moved about more*
"You see, IDM, I aim to be the best while inflicting punishment to show my dominance. Like I said before, ALL of EHDW, even member of GXT, should prepare themselves, none shall get in my way."

Idm walks out and looks at the dark angel.
"Wait... before i get going......... who the fuck are you?"

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring... from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds... I... D... M!

When IDM's entrance music hit the speakers, the crowd began to boo. He ignored their negative reaction as he strut down the ramp with a smug look on his face. He walked up the steel steps and entered the ring, then grinned pompously as he stared at the ramp, waiting for his opponent to enter.

And his opponent... from The Underworld, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... The Dark... Angel!

Fear struck all audience members in attendance when The Dark Angel walked out to the stage. A frightening figure, he sported a black lucha libre-type mask that covered all of his face, even his eyes. He slowly made his way down the ramp, seeming to focus on his opponent; though it was hard to tell, since his eyes couldn't be seen. Finally, he climbed into the ring. IDM looked the slightest bit concerned as the referee called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

The Dark Angel seemed ready to get this over with as fast as possible, sprinting towards IDM to take him down with an enzuigiri straight to the skull. He then turned his back to the grounded IDM and hit a picture-perfect standing moonsault, hooking his leg for the pin afterwards.

1... kickout!

Tazz: Not even close! I don't know what The Dark Angel was thinking of going for a pin there, he barely did anything!

The Dark Angel began to argue with the ref, but IDM came from behind and nailed him with a low blow. Dark Angel fell to his knees, but the referee didn't know what caused it since he was focused on Dark Angel and not paying attention to his... nether regions. IDM lifted the Dark Angel back up by his head and lifted him in the air, taunting briefly before crashing back down with a vertical suplex. He then grabbed him by the foot and twisted it back, securing in a tight ankle lock.

Joey Styles: Uh-oh! This is a dangerous submission. So many have tapped to it! Will Dark Angel be one of them?
Tazz: Doubt it...

IDM continued to put pressure on The Dark Angel's foot, but at the same time he dragged himself towards the ropes. Finally, he grabbed a hold of the bottom rope, but IDM wasn't finished quite yet... the referee began to count.

1... 2... 3... 4...

IDM let go of Dark Angel's ankle just barely before the 5 count which would disqualify him. The Dark Angel grabbed a hold of the top rope, pulling himself back up to his feet. He turned around, but IDM went charging towards him. Dark Angel reacted fast, grabbing him by the face and throwing him over into a snapmare. IDM bounced back and sat up, and Dark Angel went rebounding off the ropes then hit a dropkick to the face of a seated IDM. He stood back up, taking IDM with him. A groggy IDM stumbled away, but Dark Angel ran towards him for a dropkick, backflipping back to his feet afterwards. However, IDM quickly slid out of the way at last minute, and Dark Angel ended up taking out the referee instead. Dark Angel stared at the grounded ref, shocked, giving IDM the opportunity to take him out with a massive clothesline. IDM decided to use the downed referee to his advantage, rolling out of the ring and searching under the apron.

Tazz: What the hell does IDM think he's doing! You're gonna get disqualified!
Joey Styles: I don't know about that one, Tazz... the ref is out!

IDM eventually selected a steel chair, then rolled back into the ring with it. IDM held the chair at the ready as he watched the Dark Angel slowly stand back up... however, he didn't realize that the Dark Angel wasn't the only one getting back up to his feet. Once the Dark Angel was back up, IDM took him out with a huge chairshot right to the skull. However, the ref was leaning against the ropes, just barely conscious enough to notice this. He quickly called for the bell, and IDM's face went pale when he realized he had been disqualified.

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner... The Dark... Angel!


IDM ran a hand through his hair, clenching his teeth in frustration as the medics rushed to The Dark Angel's aid.

Joey Styles: Well, I guess IDM's learned his lesson: no matter how unconscious the referee seems, you never know when he's gonna sneak back up and disqualify you.
Tazz: Yeah. No matter how tempting it seems, you should never try to throw a weapon into a normal match.
Joey Styles: Anyways, up next we have Davey Richards, the new Tag Team Champion, competing against Zeke Nero.

*The camera goes to the back with Todd Grisham*

Todd Grisham
Ladies and Gentleman please welcome my guest at the moment Zeke Nero

*Nero omes out of the shadows with a Fortune hoodie on*

Now Zeke after your lost to Cole Scorpio at Hardcore Halloween, how do you plan to redeem yourself here tonight against Davey Richards

*Zeke stares coldly at Grisham*

Zeke Nero
Listen here Todd Cole's victory was fluke and everybody here knows it. But I'm not here to debate what happened at Hardcore Halloween, no I;m here to talk about this up-start who thinks he can get in my way of be coming champ. You see Todd I'm here to talk about Davey Richards this good for nothing red-neck who thinks he atually stands a chance against me tonight on Carnage. If you an hear me Davey you will not last, your career will come to an end, nd you will never be a step closer to MY title.

*Just then Davey comes out of the locker room with a smirk on his face*

Davey Richards looked at Todd and signaled him to leave and Todd did so. Then Davey focus his attention to Zeke Nero.
Davey Richards
Ah. Zeke Nero sorry about your misfortune on Hardcore Halloween. You put up such an incredible fight that you are bandaged up from the huge amount of abuse you have suffered from Cole Scorpio. You came sooo close Zeke that you made many believe that you would'vebecome the new EHDW Championship but not me. I knew that you didn't have what it takes to win that title you were just a replacement nothing more, nothing less.
Davey Richards laughed a bit and exmined the wounds of Zeke Nero
Davey Richards
Bye the look of it Zeke you are really banged up from that match that I don't know if you can compete tonight. But yet you have the nerve to run your mouth and say that you would be a quick match....Well you're right the match up that os placed between you and I will be short. But not in the outcome that you're hoping it would be because I will be the one who will stand victorious.
Davey Richards smirked and waits for Zeke Nero's response.

*Nero starts to laugh at Davey*

Zeke Nero
So you think that just because I'm banged that I'm just going to lay down in that ring and let you pin me. Listen up Junior I've been hurt beyond belief and I was still able to pick up the victory and my match against you will be no different just remember this as I hit you with my finisher and make you submit to my Ankle Lock.

Zeke looks at Davey and sees fear in his eyes

And by the look of your eyes I can see that you know that once you get in that ring with me your career your livelyhood will be put on the line and it will not be a good outcome for you.

Zeke waits to see how Davey will react

Davey Richards closed his began to shook his head
Davey Richards
What you see in my eyes is not fear at all Zeke Nero. I'm actually excited about our match tonight and I would be more satisfied when this wolf takes you down and shut you up for good.
Davey Richards thought for a moment
Davey Richards
Davey Richards I'm glad that you're not the injured to face me because to me you're are a target since you was the number 1 contender for the EHDW Championship beating you would give me more recongnition. So Zeke Nero if you don't understand what I'm saying just think of this I'm the hunter and you're my prey. So get ready Zeke because the hunt...is on.
Davey Richards made a howling sound after he finished saying his catchphrase and he left. The scene starts to fade out with Zeke Nero smiling aas he couldn't wait for his match with Davey Richards.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring... from Othello, Washington, weighing in at two hundred and eight pounds... he is the Tag Team Champion... Davey... Richards!

Davey Richards sprinted down the ramp, staring at the ring as he received a fairly mixed reaction from the crowd. He slid into the ring, then went to the farthest turnbuckle and climbed up to the second rope. He raised his championship, then jumped off. He handed the title to the ref before running to the ropes, which he rebounded off and tossed his vest out of the ring. He stretched and leaned in his corner as he stared at the stage, waiting for his opponent to enter.

And his opponent... from Choctaw, Mississippi, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... Zeke... Nero!

The crowd began to boo when Zeke Nero walked out to the stage with a smug look on his face. He walked down the ramp, smirking at the pathetic audience members as he strut down the ramp. He slid into the ring, then glanced at Davey Richards before climbing up the turnbuckle and raising his arms. He climbed off, then turned to his opponent as the ref called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Davey Richards and Zeke Nero quickly locked up in a collar-and-elbow tieup. Davey took the upper hand and nailed Zeke with a huge scoop slam, then rebounded off the ropes and hit a leg drop straight to the throat of Zeke. He rolled him over for an early cover.

1... kickout!

Tazz: Man, it's unbelievable how early people go for the pin these days!

It didn't take long for Zeke Nero get back to his feet after the very little damage done. Zeke quickly nailed Davey with a huge boot to the face, knocking him down.

Joey Styles: And a beautiful kenka kick there by Nero!

Zeke grabbed Davey's arm and went for a Hell's Gate submission, a modified gogoplata. However, he wasn't able to keep the hold in for long when, out of desperation, Davey pulled him up by the arm and slammed him back down for a powerbomb.

Tazz: What a counter!
Joey Styles: Zeke barely was able to lock in that submission before Richards reversed with a powerbomb!

Davey Richards quickly rolled Zeke over on his back, then locked in a submission of his own, the sharpshooter. Zeke struggled in the hold, but was determined not to tap. H slowly raised his hand to slam on the canvas, but managed to restrain himself and instead clutched it in pain. He began desperately crawling towards the ropes, dragging himself to the apron as Davey applied more pressure to the hold. Finally, he just barely grabbed a hold of the bottom rope, and the ref began to count.


Davey didn't keep the submission in much longer after the rope break, letting go of the hold before 2. He began to lift Zeke back up, then lifted him up over his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Zeke quickly slipped out of it, and Davey turned around to meet a thundering clothesline by Nero. Davey sprung back up to his feet, but Zeke took him down with another kenka kick. Zeke slowly began to lift Davey back up, but he countered with a series of axe handles to the gut. Zeke let go, and Davey nailed him with a huge right hand that sent Zeke spinning around. Davey quickly grabbed him from behind, then threw him back for a German suplex. However, Zeke backflipped and managed to land on his feet, then grabbed Davey in an inverted facelock from behind and hit a Ninak Hashi.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! Ninak Hashi! This one's over!

Zeke Nero quickly bent down and hooked Davey's leg for the pin.

1... 2... 3!

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner... Zeke... Nero!


Zeke Nero sprung back up to his feet after the pinfall, then raised his arms in victory. The crowd continued to boo as the camera switched to commentary.

All of the sudden, the lights all throughout the went out. Suddenly, a video appeared on the titantron, and all gaze in the crowd focused towards it.

When the video stopped, a new one appeared on the titantron, this time accompanied by Mark Henry's entrance music.

Finally, the World's Strongest Man that had been hyped for so long finally returned. Fear struck all audience members in attendance and viewing at home as the behemoth marched down the ramp, his massive feet hitting the steel caused the ground to shake. He glared at the crowd with hate burning in his eyes, and only a handful of courageous members had the balls to boo this monster of a human. Once he had reached the ring, Henry climbed up to the apron and slid through the middle rope before demanding a microphone from EHDW personnel at ringside. After receiving one, he took another gander over the crowd before beginning to speak.

Finally, the World's Strongest Man has made his return to EHDW!

The crowd booed more, slightly less afraid now that he was in the ring and not only a foot or so in front of them. He only glared at them in pity, eyes burning with anger.

You see, wounds heal. Wounds like the ones Austin Cross inflicted on me when he took away my Hardcore Championship. So many times before, I had decimated all who stepped in my path. But Austin took advantage of me, he came up from my blind spot and took me out. Never again.

He licked his dry lips, heavily breathing in and out with anger. The crowd seem fairly unamused with his "excuse" for being defeated, but Henry was determined to make them think otherwise.

Now, Austin Cross will pay. Now that I am back to contiue my path of destruction, Austin is first in line for induction into the Hall of Pain... Thor Jørgensen, I hope your listening. Because I demand a match with Austin Cross for next Carnage. And even if I don't get one... he will pay, sooner or later... preferably sooner.

Mark Henry dropped the microphone, and his strength caused it to fall with such an impact that it rolled out of the ring. Henry then exited the ring and continued up the ramp, once again frightening all audience members in attendance.

Joey Styles: What a shocking victory by Nero!
Tazz: Yeah, and a great way to end the match.
Joey Styles: Anyways, up next, Trent Barreta, the Light Heavyweight Champion, will be defending his title against the new leader of Fortune, Christian.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Light Heavyweight Championship! Making his way to the ring... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-nine pounds... Christian!

Christian made his way to the ring. He climbed up the turnbuckle and motions his hand as if he was going to win the gold.

And his opponent... from Mount Sinai, New York, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds... he is the Light Heavyweight Champion... Trent... Barreta!

Trent came in, smirking as the crowd cheered him on. He raised the gold high above his head as Christian just stared at it.

Ding ding ding!

Trent and Christian started by staring at each other. Christian made the first move by slapping the taste out of Trent's mouth. Trent just held his face, and locked up Christian into a collar & elbow tie up. They remained locked untill Trent gained the upperhand in the hold. He executed the snap DDT right on Christian! As he saw Christian grounded, he picked up his head and started uploading punches on to Christian's head! The ref broke them up, allowing Christian to get up once more. As soon as he got up, Christian connected with the drop kick. He pointed to the crowd and picked up Trent but Trent Irish whipped Christian in to the corner. Trent backed up and boom! Enzuigiri right on Christian from the corner! Christian fumbled down, and Trent went for an early cover...

1... 2... kickout!

Trent shook his head and stood up, along with Christian. Christian started unloading punches onto Trent, causing them to collide into the corner rope. The ref tried to back them off. Christian raised his hands in the "I didn't do it" gesture. He backed, off allowing Trent to lift up his head. Christian ram at Trent and connected with another dropkick in the corner. He had Trent in a sitting position. He lifted up his boot and and starts choking Trent. Trent's face started turning a little red. The ref counted, and as he got to 4, Christian released. Now, as Trent lay on the mat, Christian saw he can go for a pinfall. The ref counted...

1... 2... kickout!

Christian argued with the ref, saying his count was way off. Trent got up as Christian continued arguing with the ref. Trent taunted the crowd and connectdd with a high kick to the temple of Christian! Trent ran over to the other side of the ring and springboarded off the ropes, hoping to hit a moonsault. Christian got his knees up just in time, and doges the move by Barreta. Christian decided to go up the top turnbuckle now. He signaled that the gold will be around his waist and connects with the diving headbutt! Cover now...

1... 2... kickout!

Christian got up as Trent was still grounded. He signaled for the Killswitch. He clapped now. Slowly,Trent picked himself up and stood up, groggy.Christian kicked him in the gut, turned him around, and he connected with the Killswitch. Christian, again, went for the cover...

1... 2... 3!

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner, and the new Light Heavyweight Champion... Christian!
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