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 Busting Dudes

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PostSubject: Busting Dudes   Busting Dudes EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 1:49 pm

Trent Barreta walked out to the stage in his wrestling gear, the usual brightly-colored tights and black boots (and, of course, the Light Heavyweight Championship), accompanied by White Noise. The crowd cheered as he dashed down the ramp and slid into the ring, rolling over to the other side in order to receive a microphone from EHDW staff at ringside. He then sprung back to his feet and began to say what was on his mind.

Tonight on Carnage, I'll be defending my Light Heavyweight Championship for the second time.

He didn't look the least bit concerned, a huge grin seemingly permanently plastered to his face.

But no need to worry. I scaled a 15something-foot tall steel cage to win this. Last week on Hardcore Halloween, I retained the title, firing Michael Cole in the process. Come on, let's face it: I can't be beat.

The crowd cheered, and Trent smirked.

So come on, somebody, tell me: what makes Christian think he's any different? I mean, really? When's the last time that guy won anything, if he ever even has at all? He's just gonna end up like everyone else once I'm finished with him: either fired, or a pathetic jobber. You see, people are just too cocky. So many have claimed to be capable of defeating the Light Heavyweight Championship, only to miserably fail and get their ass kicked. And the same thing is going to happen every time. Because, as long as I'm here in EHDW, I will make sure that this belt stays around my waist...

He patted the centerpiece, then unbuckled it from around his waist and ran up the turnbuckle, standing on the top rope and raising it high in the air. He jumped off, then pumped his fist before sliding out of the ring and returning back up the ramp.

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Busting Dudes
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