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 Are you Happy Now?

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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Are you Happy Now?   Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:15 pm


The crowd cheered when Superstar hit the speakers, accompanied by Phillip Phillips dressed in a suit; he also had a microphone, obviously preparing for something fairly formal. He walked down the ramp with a blank expression on his face, seemingly oblivious to the enthusiasm of the crowd. After finally making it to the ring, he took his sweet time, walking up the steel steps and making it to the center of the apron before finally entered. He took a long pause, gazing over the crowd before he finally spoke.

Well, let's cut straight to the chase. You fucking jackasses finally got want you wanted. I'm stepping down as the CEO of Extreme High-Definition Wrestling.

The crowd booed more than ever before, completely contrasting with their previous reaction. Phillip tried to speak again, but their deafening boos made it difficult for him to even hear himself.


Out of shock, the crowd quickly went mute.

Sorry, but this is important. Please welcome your new CEO...

The crowd began to boo again, before his music even hit.
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PostSubject: Re: Are you Happy Now?   Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:29 pm


When the crowd heard the too-familiar song, they realized the mistake they made booing. All of the sudden, a familiar silouhette emerged from backstage, clouded by smoke. He slowly stepped closer towards the ramp, then his arm shot up in the air. A shower of golden sparks rained down behind him, and the smoke faded away to reveal Thor Jørgensen. The crowd quickly began to cheer again, a grin forming on his face. He began to walk down the ramp, where more smoke gathered around his feet. He walked up the steel steps then to the middle of the ring apron. He grabbed the top rope then gazed over the crowd, grinning. Thor stepped over the top rope, then climbed up a turnbuckle. He beat his chest, then raised his traditional Norse viking helmet in the air. He jumped off, then handed his fur coat and helmet to the referee to set aside as more golden sparks jetted upward from the ring posts. Under the viking attire, he had on a suit. Phillip handed him the microphone, and Thor began to speak.

Miss me?

Thor chuckled, and the crowd cheered.

That's right, I'm your new CEO. Good ol' Thor Jørgensen.

Phillip grinned slightly, happy with his descision.

Now, let me make this clear: I still won't wrestle. I'm still at risk of paralysis. But I will be the new CEO, booker, president, whatever the hell they do here... and maybe I'll keep commentating, too.

Phillip walked over next to Thor and raised his arm in victory, like a referee would've done after he won a match. Thor smiled as the crowd cheered, and the camera slowly faded to black...
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Are you Happy Now?
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