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 Jake Roberts on the incident with Kigi

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PostSubject: Jake Roberts on the incident with Kigi   Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:58 am

Jake Roberts is seen on the titantron

Jake Roberts

You may think Kigi is invincible. You may think he does not feel fear. Unfortunately for Kigi that is far from the truth.

The image of Roberts changes to when Kigi through the snake. It was in slow motion. As Kigi was throwing the snake it was visible that the snake had bitten him.Jake Roberts then reappears on the screen.

Jake Roberts

If you did not see it let me clarify. Kigi was bitten by the viper. Later that day Kigi was seen collapsing and was driven to the hospital. Luckily he will not miss the match next week but he will be very weak. This is what happens when you make a snake mad. They bite back.

The screen fades.
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Jake Roberts on the incident with Kigi
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