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PostSubject: Announce this bitch   Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:40 pm

Cole appears on the titantron, next to Scott Stamford. He is wearing a Tigers jersey and Hat, and the EHDW championship sticking out just out of clear view.

"Hello folks, this is Scott Stamford coming to you live from EHDW studios in New York City, as you can see I'm standing here with the EHDW champion Cole Scorpio. Now Cole, earlier tonight our mutual boss Phillip Phillips announced that Mark Henry was out with injury, and that you would instead be facing Zeke Nero at Hardcore Halloween. With less time to scout your opponent, how do you think you'll fair in this fight?"

Cole thinks to himself for a moment before speaking into the microphone Scott is so helpfully holding out for him.

"Mark Henry was an opponent I could have respected. A man of my own nature, someone who wants to fight more than anything else in the entire world. And right now Scott, I'm really itching for a fight. You see, I know Phillip's little game. We've seen it before, ya know. In 2004, back when the WWE was still relevant. A certain match took place at Summerslam. Chris Benoit VS Randy Orton for the title. Orton won, and shook Benoit's hand right there in the ring. A short time later, the title was gone and he wasn't even in line to get it back anymore. Why was that title suddenly out of his grasp? His boss betrayed him. Triple H had all the other members of Evolution in on the job, help Orton get to the title because he was easier to beat than the current champ. Now tell me, who do you think Zeke answers to? Phillip got Austin his title, so Austin will help Phillip get MY title."

Stamford speaks

"Speaking of the title Cole, I couldn't help but notice you've made some... modifications to it. Could we get the camera pointed at the title?"

The camera goes down to reveal the title, which isn't just modified but completely new!

"Scott, this title right here means a hell of a lot more to me than anything that Phillip Phillips could ever produce. He's too chickenshit to face me at Uprising like a man, so I'm gonna have to find that gutterslut (The crowd pops for Cole's signature insult!) and roast his ass over an open flame!"

Cole leaves.

"Thank you for yo... and he's gone. Back to you in the stadium!"
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Announce this bitch
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