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PostSubject: THE KIGI KINGSTON SHOW   Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:38 pm

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as “No Problem” plays and Kigi Kingston runs out from the backstage area and proceeds to make his way to the ring, once Kigi has reached ringside, he slides into the ring.

Hello (insert city name here)!!!!!! And welcome to “THE KIGI KINGSTON SHOW”, a new show, dedicated to letting the viewers at home know the inner workings of some of EHDW’s superstars, during tonight’s episode, we are going to take a look into the natural habitat of….

On the titantron, a picture comes of Kigi’s face. It changes to Cole Scorpio, then Dolph Ziggler, slowly beginning to pick up speed. Soon, the faces of the EHDW roster are blurring on the screen. After several seconds, The Randomizer begins to lose speed, slowing back down to its original speed.
The Rock…


The crowd go wild as Kigi turns back to them, feigning surprise,
Kigi: Well, I guess if I have to…
A smirk grows across Kigi’s face,

But I want it noted that this was COMPLETELY random.

Kigi pauses for a moment and winks to the crowd,

So, without further ado, let’s go!

The Ghanaian, runs to the side of the ring and jumps onto the top rope, bouncing off and down to ringside, he goes on to run back to ringside, gesturing for the cameras to follow him.
The cameramen are forced to sprint to try and catch up to Kigi as he runs through the backstage area, twisting around corners and knocking open doors, until they finally arrive at the door to Undertaker’s locker room.
Kigi tells the camera men to be quiet as he pulls a key ring out from the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms, thumbing through the dozens of keys until he finds the one labelled Undertaker.
He turns the key in the latch, opening the door slowly to stop it creaking.
Upon opening the door, Kigi pokes his head into the room, smirking, he withdraws his head and gestures for the camera to look in.
When it does, it sees a filthy, stinking locker room: dirty t-shirts, flung over chairs and tables or any surface available alongside many posters and banners displaying pictures of Undertaker himself and nicknames such as “The Deadman” and “The Phenom”; empty whiskey bottles covering the floor, several still with some left and, strangest of all, the walls, covered in maniacal writings, expressing deep hate towards many members of the EHDW roster, not excluding Kigi himself.
Kigi takes a moment to take in his surroundings,

OK… Err, for the viewer’s sake, point the cameras over here, I don’t think they want to see that kind of language…

The camera points away from the wall and back to Kigi,

OK, normally I’d have a look around, but this place seems kind of creepy, so, let’s just look in the next room and then get going.

Kigi walks up to the door on the other side of the room, pausing for a moment signal the cameramen to be quiet, he then slips open the door to be met by Undertaker, passed out on the sofa, an empty bottle of Irish whiskey lying beside him.
The room is filled with smashed bottles, in the corner; there is a punching bag, with a picture of Kigi’s face on the top of it. As Kigi moves closer to it, he sees that there are numerous slashes in the photo of Kigi, obviously made by one bottles. Kigi’s face looks shocked, although he quickly turns back to the cameramen and smiles,

So guys, here’s the Gaylord Of Death Valley, The American Fat Ass, The Undertaker! He looks good doesn’t he?

The Undertaker’s unconscious body stirs slightly as his alcohol fuelled sleep is disturbed by the unwelcome sounds; however, he doesn’t wakeup, his face covered in grease and saliva, hair gel mixed with sweat, dripping down his face.

It looks like nothing short of a herd of elephants will wake him up…

A smile breaks out across his face,

Or will it? Pass me the megaphone,

One of the cameramen passes a red megaphone with the words “THE KIGI KINGSTON SHOW” printed on it.
Kigi puts the megaphone to his lips, sticks it next to Undertaker’s ear and gets ready to speak. He quickly looks at the camera and winks before shouting,


The words echo around the whole backstage area as Undertaker jumps out of his skin, leaping across the room and smashing head first into a wall, falling backwards and landing on a pile of glass shards from the broken bottles, he screams in pain and rolls across the floor, landing this time on an actual bottle, the cameramen jump back as Undertaker screams in pain and shouts profanity.

Oops! Err, That’s all for tonight folks, thank you and goodnight!

Kigi smiles to the cameras as Undertaker rolls around on the floor.

Are we off air? Good, go quickly!

The cameramen run out of the room as Kigi turns around to see Undertaker curled up on the floor, nursing his cuts, he then walks over to Undertaker, and crouches down next to him.

Now you know how I felt after your little stunt last week! Going around ambushing people ISN’T funny Undertaker. Now, go have a nice time with the medics later on tonight and if by chance you’re somehow able to walk, I’ll see you at Hardcore Halloween!

Kigi walks backwards, looking at Undertaker crying on the floor in pain, the scene fades out as Kigi leaves the room.

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