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 Kigi: On Decapitation Station

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PostSubject: Kigi: On Decapitation Station   Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:23 pm

Kigi Kingston comes out from backstage, to no music, dressed in street clothes and carrying a Decapitation Station T-Shirt and a 10ft flag pole.
The crowd look at each other, discussing Kigi's mysterious items as he makes his way to the ring.
When he gets to the ring, Kigi asks for a microphone and the bell keeper hands him one.

So guys, I'm sure you all saw the vote of no confidence last week. Yeah, well I'm sure you also saw P2's reaction to the vote, an egotistical, blunt, ignorant, NO.But, to be totally honest, I'm not surprised, it's the kind of answer you'd expect from someone as narcissistic as Phil. Now, to tell you why I'm out here, It's because Phil, you know him, has kicked me and Kevin Nash out of Decapitation Station, for no other reason than that we spoke our minds. And, for the aforementioned reason, I now pronounce war on Decapitation Station, the people who I thought were my friends, but i now realize are just a power-mad dictatorship.

Kigi stabs the flag pole through the T-Shirt, and then pulls out a lighter from his pocket, before setting the T-Shirt alight and raising it to the top of the flag pole.

So, anyone in the back, I don't care what stable you're in, or even if you're in one, just come out here and support the war on Decapitation Station!

Kigi starts to wave the flag pole from side to side.

Suddenly the arena fills with music as another Decapitation Station hater, comes out from backstage.

TBC- Anyone that hates DS
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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Re: Kigi: On Decapitation Station   Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:33 pm


Phillip Phillips walked out with a microphone, shaking his head. The crowd cheered as his entrance music cut and he began to speak with one eyebrow raised.

Kigi, you are a fucking whore, a liar, and obviously mentally retarded.

Phillip frowned and shook his head.

I didn't kick you and Kevin Nash out of Decapitation Station, Kigi. It was a descision, backed up by simple logic. If you wanted me to quit, why the fuck would you wanna be in a stable with me? It's common sense. And obviously you don't want to be in anyways. Kevin Nash, on the other hand... he quit. He's resigning soon, and his last match will be at Hardcore Halloween, so there's really no point to keep him in anyways.

As Phillip talked, Kigi set down the pole to help support it and retain his energy. Once Phillip was finished, he dropped the microphone and quickly kicked Kigi in the midsection, causing him to drop the pole. Kigi bent over in pain, giving Phillip a chance to lift him over his shoulders, then-- AIR RAID SLAM! RIGHT ONTO THE FLAMING SHIRT AND THE STEEL POLE! After brutally attacking Kigi, Phillip lifted up the microphone and bent down, leaning towards Kigi.

Oh, by the way, there's a reason nobody's come out here yet. It's because Decapitation Station is the most talented and dominant stable ever to set foot in this business.

He smirked, then dropped the microphone on Kigi before exiting the ring, and then the building.

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Kigi: On Decapitation Station
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