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 Contract Template

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Phillip Phillips
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Contract Template Empty
PostSubject: Contract Template   Contract Template EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 7:17 pm



[b]Pic Base:[/b]



[b]Billing Location:[/b]



[b]Entrance Theme:[/b]


[u]Wrestling Style[/u]



[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b]

[b]Match Specialty:[/b]

Name: Your wrestler's ring name.

Nickname: Optional.

Pic Base: This is who will you will use to represent your CAW. Please only use real wrestlers, unless you are a non-wrestler.

Weight: Your wrestler's billed weight, no less than 140 lbs., no more than 550.

Height: Your wrestler's billed height, no less than 4'0", no more than 7'5".

Billing Location: Where your wrestler is from.

Gimmick: The personality of your character.

Alignment: Face, heel, or tweener.

Entrance Theme: The song that your wrestler enters to.


Wrestling Style
Your wrestler's style; high-flying, technical, submission, hardcore, powerhouse, brawler, etc.

Optional - a move used to set up your wrestler's finisher.

The big move that ends the match. Maximum 3.

Weapon of Choice: Your wrestler's most commonly used weapon, optional.

Match Specialty: The match stipulation that your wrestler most excels in, optional.
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Contract Template
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