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 About Christan

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PostSubject: About Christan   Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:50 pm

*Reach for the sky screams across the PA system as the fans erupt with cheers.*

All of a sudden Daniel Red emerges out of the curtains with a huge smile on his face as he is glad to see the fans.

He hops up onto the ring appron steps onto the second rope and does a handstand over the top rope.

He puts the mic up to his lips

Daniel Red:"Ohhhhh man it is god to be here tonight".

The fans keep Daniel from continuing.

Daniel Red:"So I'm gonna start with this last week me and my good friend Trent Barreta fell a little short from becoming the tag team champs."

Daniel Red:"But congrats to Fourtune they were the better men."

The fans boo very loudly when Daniel mentions Fourtune.

Daniel Red:"Now onto Christan,when we get into the ring it will be me and you."

The fans cheer knowing Daniel needs a win in EHDW.

Daniel Red:"Don't get me wrong I respect the hell out of you,for what you have done before.Not what you are doing."

The fans boo

Daniel Red:"So Christan I want the old you in the ring not the new you."

Daniel drops the mic and exits the ring.

Reach for the sky re-hits.

Daniel walks out of the arena.
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About Christan
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